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(The Divorcing Crisis (1)

“What’s up?”

“What is the meaning of this cheque you gave me?” Zhang Manlin waved the cheque around in front of Su Yu’s eyes.

“It’s compensation for you. Today’s accident was entirely my fault, or else you wouldn’t have gotten hurt. Keep it.”

“It’s not like you left me stranded. You brought me here to get checked up and bought medication for me. On top of all that, you are still giving me twenty thousand? Is it because you have so much money that you have nowhere else to spend it? Or, is it because you are afraid that I might come after you in the future if I have any problems? You can rest assured knowing that I, Zhang Manlin, am not that kind of person. I won’t come after you even if I have to walk around with a limp for the rest of my life.”

That was not my intention,” Su Yu explained without much emotion.

“So what is your intention? You think you can just humiliate others with cheques just because you have money? I ain’t buying your bullshit. Here, take your cheque, dammit,” Zhang Manlin stuffed the cheque back into Su Yu’s hand and gave Su Yu a shove on the shoulder. Clearly, she looked angry.

For a moment, looking at Zhang Manlin’s stubbornness, Su Yu felt like Huo Mian was right beside him.

When he and Huo Mian first met, they had fought like this as well. It wasn’t all smooth-sailing but in the end… well, you know what happened in the end.

By the time Su Yu slowly returned his thoughts to reality, Zhang Manlin had walked away. He folded the cheque into his wallet without a word and walked out of the hospital.

Taking Zhang Manlin to the hospital took a long time, and by the time he finished work, Pudding and Little Bean had already gone to take their afternoon nap. In the end, Su Yu didn’t pick them up from South Hill Manor.

-At around five-thirty in the afternoon –

Qin Chu gave Huo Mian a call and asked if she had the time to attend a party in the evening.

“We’ll see,” Huo Mian answered back.

As soon as she hung up the phone, Wei Dong invited her to dinner and had asked to see her.

It had been several days since Huo Mian had last seen Wei Dong. After she asked someone to deliver the money to him, she felt embarrassed about visiting Wei Dong’s repair shop as she was afraid that it might make Wei Dong feel uncomfortable. However, this time, Wei Dong sounded extremely sincere in his invitation, and therefore, Huo Mian didn’t have the heart to say no.

On top of that, Wei Dong’s mother personally gave Huo Mian a call as well. In the end, Huo Mian had to let Qin Chu know that she won’t be able to attend the party anymore.

Qin Chu, on the other hand, didn’t reply.

Huo Mian drove to the address that was provided by Wei Dong, he now lived in the Cheng Dong area, where the residential houses were relatively old.

He and his mother lived in an old house that had two bedrooms. The entire place was less than sixty square feet in size. Both the kitchen and the bathroom looked like they had been around for a century, but it was kept very clean.

Wei Dong waited for Huo Mian at the door.

As soon as she walked in, the aroma of the food that was being cooked struck her.

“It smells delicious!” Huo Mian said.

“My mother heard you liked to eat fish, so she especially made carp braised with brown sugar and soy sauce.”

“Thanks.” Huo Mian smiled as she passed over the fruits and drinks she brought on her way to Wei Dong.

“Mom, my classmate is here.”

An older woman walked out of the kitchen at the sound of Wei Dong’s voice. She was wearing a floral dress shirt with a pair of black pants.

“This must be Huo Mian,” Wei Dong’s mother sounded happy.

“Hi, Auntie.”

“Hello, hello! Have a seat, there is one more dish coming very soon. We’ll start eating very soon!”

“Auntie, this is enough! It’s too much trouble.” Huo Mian felt a little embarrassed.

“No trouble at all, it will be done soon. Dong, keep Huo Mian accompanied.”

Yes, Mom.”

“Shall I rinse some fruits for you?” Wei Dong asked.

“No need, I am okay, really. Come to think of it, what brought you to invite me for dinner today?” Huo Mian asked, smiling.

“I have good news to tell you later,” Wei Dong said mysteriously.



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