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(Who’s Playing Who At This Game? (9)

“Little Bean, did you miss me?” Qin Ning showed up in her usual jeans and T-shirt get-up.

However, perhaps due to the weather becoming warmer, she wore a cropped T-shirt instead.

The usual conservative Qin Ning was starting to show a little bit of personality.

With undeniable affection in her eyes, Qin Ning hugged Little Bean and gave her chubby cheek a big kiss.

“Oh my lord, this is not LA. Put on a jacket, will ya?” Extremely thoughtfully, Tang Chuan trailed behind and draped a jacket over Qin Ning.

“Oh my, Master Tang, I didn’t think you would be like this one day,” Su Yu called him out for being cheesy.

“Single dogs like you wouldn’t understand this feeling. You can laugh at me all you want, I won’t even bother lowering myself to your standards to talk back to you. I pity you.”

“Damn, what are you saying?!” Su Yu gave Tang Chuan a hard glance.

“Hahaha.” Tang Chuan chuckled out loud and patted Su Yu on the back. “I’m just kidding, don’t be so serious.”

“Pudding, come here and let Auntie give you a kiss!” Qin Ning waved at Pudding, who stood on the side quietly.

“No thanks, you will get saliva on my face,” Pudding said with slight disdain, leaving Qin Ning speechless.

“Hahahaha, I didn’t think you’d be rejected like this one day too,” Tang Chuan laughed at Qin Ning.

“Pudding, you can’t think Auntie is gross,” Qin Ning swayed left and right like a child.

“It doesn’t matter if I think you’re gross, as long as Uncle Tang is fine with it,” Pudding replied back.

“This kid’s lip service is getting harder and harder to deal with…” Qin Ning wiped a bead of sweat off of her head.

Being back in town put Tang Chuan in a swell mood. His face was full of smiles the moment he got off the plane, and as soon as he saw Su Yu, he hugged him like his bro and started rambling on and on.

“How come it’s just you guys? Where’s my sis-in-law?” Qin Ning asked.

“Mian has some business at work.”

“Oh. Su Yu, do you know what’s been going on with them?” Qin Ning had no patience and asked directly.

“Um…” Su Yu opened his mouth and didn’t know how to explain the situation.

“Auntie, can we talk about this in private when we get back? As the old and wise would say, ugly family affairs shouldn’t be publicly announced,” Little Bean reminded in a serious tone.

“Um… Okay, let’s go then.”

“No! Can we not be in a hurry to go back home? I want to eat hot pot!! The hot pot in Chinatown from the U.S was not only expensive but unauthentic. I’ve been craving it for ages now,” Tang Chuan pouted.

In the end, Su Yu, Qin Ning, Tang Chuan, and the two kids all agreed and went to eat hot pot.

When Huo Mian finished her business at GK, instead of going back home, she went to South Side to get reports.

Huo Mian let out a sigh in relief as she remembered Zhang Manlin had the day off today. She finally didn’t have to see the person who had a similar face to her that seemed like she can copy her every move.


“Welcome back, Vice-Director.”

“How was the surgery?” Huo Mian asked.

“It went well. The patient just got wheeled to ICU, still being monitored.”


Vice-Director, didn’t you take the day off today?” the doctor asked.

“I’m just coming to grab some reports, so I thought I’d check on you to see how the surgery went. I heard the patient had asked someone to put in a good word with Director Wu to ask us to provide exceptional care.”

Yes, we got a call from Director Wu. We will pay extra attention to.”

“Okay, I will head out soon, you guys have a good day.” Huo Mian went to her office and wanted to take the reports home to sort through. But then, a knock on the door interrupted her thoughts.

“Dr. Huo, hope you don’t mind having a chat.”



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