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(The Divorcing Crisis (2)

“What good news?” Huo Mian was curious.

“I’ll tell you later. Eat first.” Wei Dong played coy.

With a closer look, Wei Dong was now an entirely different man compared to the unfortunate one she first met. Donning a clean white shirt, he was glowing from within.

Just then, Wei Dong’s mother came out of the kitchen with plates of food. “Alright, we can start eating. Dong, bring Mian a bowl and a pair of chopsticks!”


The mother-and-son duo went in and out of the kitchen, preparing for the meal. After the dishes were all on the table, the three of them took their seats around it.

Huo Mian glanced at the table; there weren’t many dishes, only four.

There was one plate of braised carp, one plate of garlic-meat stir fry, one plate of tiger-skin green pepper, and finally, one plate of tomato-stewed beef brisket.

Although the food was ordinary homemade cuisine, it smelled delicious and was incredibly authentic.

“Mian, you’re hungry, right? Hurry up and eat.” Wei Dong’s mother smiled at Huo Mian.

“My mom’s a really great cook. Try it.” Wei Dong began to add food to Huo Mian’s plate.

Huo Mian couldn’t refuse the overwhelming kindness. She lowered her head and began eating.

“How is it?” Wei Dong asked.

“It’s delicious!” Huo Mian was sincere as could be.

“If you like it, have more.” Wei Dong’s mother added more food to Huo Mian’s plate.

“It’s okay, Auntie, I can’t finish all of this, haha. You don’t have to give me more food. I’m embarrassed.”

“Don’t worry! Eat! Look how skinny you are. Eat more.”

Thank you, Auntie.”

After an exchange of civilities, the three began to eat and chat.

Wei Dong was in a great mood. He even opened up a beer bottle.

As the end neared, Wei Dong’s mother suddenly got up and then got down on her knees, startling Huo Mian.

“Huo Mian, my son was able to make a come back in life, all because of you! Thank you so much. I’m really, really grateful.”

“Auntie, what are you doing? Please get up. This is too much.”

Huo Mian felt helpless. She couldn’t move the old woman because of the weight difference.

“I really want to thank you. Really… all of Dong’s friends and classmates completely ignored us after we went bankrupt. Last month, we almost ran out of money for my medicine. Dong tried to borrow 1,000 yuan from his friend but was turned down. I don’t blame them really… After all, everyone’s pragmatic and need to think of themselves first. So when I learned that you lent Dong so much money, I really didn’t know how to react… I still don’t know what to say. Basically, thank you, our entire family will be forever in your debt.”

“Auntie, please get up first. I can’t stay if you’re like this.”

“Mom, get up first. You’re scaring Huo Mian,” Wei Dong chimed in.

Wei Dong’s mother was finally convinced. Huo Mian helped her up. “Auntie, I lent him the money. He’ll give it back to me once he earns enough. Plus, I know that Wei Dong’s really smart in business. As long as he works hard, I’m sure that he’ll make a comeback and become more and more successful.”

“Thank you for trusting my son. Honestly, he’s always liked you… He talked about you when you were both in school.

He talked about how clever you were, how you were always number one even without studying. He talked about how low-key you are, how honorable and basically everything that’s good. He even wanted to court you…”

“Ahem… Mom, that was a long time ago, don’t mention it anymore.” Wei Dong looked embarrassed.

Huo Mian had already rejected him back when the Wei Family was wealthy, not to mention now. It was ridiculous to talk about the past now.

“Anyway, listen to me, you gave Dong so much money… I really… don’t know how to thank you.” Wei Dong’s mother was very emotional.

“Auntie, it’s nothing. We’re classmates. I am obligated to help him.”

“Dong, did you tell her about the thing yet?” Wei Dong’s mother wiped away her tears.

“I didn’t have the time… Mom, you completely took over, haha.” Wei Dong laughed helplessly.

“Then hurry up. It’s a good thing. You have to tell her.” Wei Dong’s mother encouraged.

“What is it? Tell me.” The mother-and-son duo’s conversation completely piqued Huo Mian’s interest.



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