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(Huo Siqian’s Probe (2)

“Ha, Sis, how did you know I was here?”

“The entire hospital knows you’re here, why shouldn’t I?”

“The entire hospital knows? Don’t exaggerate.” Zhixin scratched his head and played dumb.

The truth was when Zhixin came, almost everyone in the finance department saw him. Therefore, the news of his arrival spread like wildfire in the cafeteria; that was how Huo Mian found out.

She ran downstairs without eating lunch, just so she could stop him before he left.

“Zhixin, you talked to Zhang Manlin?”


“Don’t do it again in the future.”

“Why not? Are you really going to accept being bullied like this? Are you really okay with that b*tch stepping all over you?” Zhixin asked angrily.

“No, that’s not the case. I’ll deal with my own problems, please don’t interfere.”

“Sis, I did this for your sake.”

“I know, go back to work, alright? I can deal with this.”

“Sis, if you can really deal with this, you wouldn’t have come home in the middle of the night and left your daughters behind. Tell me the truth, Sis, are you guys not talking? What happened? How would someone like Zhang Manlin succeed in gaining my brother-in-law’s attention? Is it just because she’s younger?”

“I don’t want to talk about this. Zhixin, please don’t interfere again. If you get involved, things will become more complicated.”

“Sis, are you saying that I should just mind my own business?”

“I…” Huo Mian opened her mouth to explain, but Zhixin cut her off. “Sis, people nowadays enjoy watching a drama. If you weren’t my sister, I would never want to interfere even if you pay me. We grew up together, and you’ve done so much for me over the years. I don’t want others to bully you, even my brother-in-law. You’ve been through so much, you deserve to enjoy your life, and I don’t want you to suffer any more pain.”

Feeling bad, Zhixin put his hands on his sister’s shoulders; she seemed to have even lost weight recently.

“Zhixin, I know what you mean.”

“I will always be on your side. If my brother-in-law is still refusing to turn back around, Bella and I have talked about it, we will resign from GK.”

“Resign? Absolutely not.” Huo Mian shook her head.

“Don’t try to talk me out of it. I’m a grown man, and the only reason I began working at GK was that it’s my brother-in- law’s company. I wanted to him help because we’re family. But with him like this, I don’t want to pretend everything’s okay. I can find a job anywhere else, why should I stay here and work for someone like him?”

“Zhixin… calm down, I know your brother-in-law and I have issues to resolve, but our marriage is fine, okay? Other people might not understand, but you should, okay? Don’t believe everything you see.”

Huo Mian couldn’t tell Zhixin that she and Qin Chu were just putting on a show, so she tried her best to convince Zhixin. However, the latter wasn’t a genius like his sister. The more Huo Mian tried to explain, the more Zhixin felt bad for her sister.”

“Sis, stop it, I’ve made up my mind. Anyways… I cursed at Zhang Manlin today, and I’m willing to do anything for you. Go back to work, Sis, are you staying with us again tonight?”

“I’m going to stay at South Hill Manor, I miss the twins.”

“Mhm, call me if anything happens.”

Huo Mian nodded and watched as Zhixin left the hospital in his Chevrolet Camaro. Qin Chu had gifted Zhixin this car when he was still in school.

Zhixin had always been a sentimental man.

“Dr. Huo, what are you thinking about?” Suddenly, Liu Ze appeared next to Huo Mian; his tone was soft, and his lips were curled into a small smile.



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