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(Who?s Playing Who at this Game? (2)

“Wait for me.”

Qin Chu didn’t say anything other than those three words.

Zhang Manlin was immediately overcome with happiness, and she yelled, “Boss, a large bowl of beef ramen.”


Qin Chu didn’t care about the media, he drove his black Bentley to Lake West Street.

He found Zhang Manlin at a noodle house named Ziqiao Lanzhou Ramen.

“You’re fast! That was fifteen minutes, not even,” Zhang Manlin was shocked.

“Highway,” he indifferently replied.

“I didn’t even tell you the name, how did you find it?”

“This is the only noodle house on Lake West.”

“Ha, there I go being dumb again. My bad, President Qin.”

He didn’t reply…

At that time, the boss brought out a bowl of steaming ramen and placed it in front of Qin Chu.

“I got you the large. It’s really good, try it.” Zhang Manlin blinked rapidly and looked at him.

Qin Chu found that many of her small actions resembled Huo Mian’s.

That included the wide-eyed expression that only came out when they saw something funny or delicious.

Huo Mian’s reaction was natural, but Zhang Manlin’s reaction was a copy of Huo Mian’s. No matter how hard she tried, it seemed forced.

“Is it good?”

Seeing Qin Chu eat a mouthful of noodles, Zhang Manlin asked without waiting.

“It’s average,” Qin Chu said.

“How is it compared to Ah-Xin’s Ramen?” Zhang Manlin tentatively asked.

“I like Ah-Xin’s Ramen more because it tastes better,” he told the truth.

Actually ,you like Ah-Xin’s Ramen because of the Vice-Director. I heard that she likes that place a lot.”

“Yeah, we’ve frequented it for years.”

“Haha, it must be really good then. I have to go try when I have the time.” After speaking, she began eating ramen with her mouth wide open.

She looked so much like Huo Mian while she ate…

He suddenly felt sick in his stomach, he didn’t even want to pretend anymore.

“Do you know Huo Siqian?” Qin Chu casually asked.

That scared Zhang Manlin and she shook…

“President Qin… What… What did you say?” surprised, she raised her head.

“I said, do you know Huo Siqian?” Qin Chu slowly asked while picking apart the noodles in the bowl.

Zhang Manlin’s face turned unnaturally pale. Her fear was evident.

“Huo Siqian…Who?”

“You know your Vice-Director so well, you should have no reason for not knowing who he is.”

“I really don’t know, maybe it slipped my mind, hehe.”

“How could that be? The Huo Corporation is rich, the president is richer. He is Huo Mian’s brother by name, and it is illogical for you to not know of him,” Qin Chu stared at her face and asked.

“Ah, the president of the Huo Corporation. Ha, I saw him on TV before, and I heard that he’s a pretty handsome guy. A lot of nurses at South Side like him, but he’s not my type. I like… I like men who are more cold and distant.” She bit her lip and looked at Qin Chu, trying to cover up her fear.

“Is that so? How sad, I thought we could talk about him if you knew him.”

“Why… Why would we talk about him? I heard that his relationship with the Vice Director isn’t the best.”

“Yeah, don’t you want to know why?”

“I guess it’s because of the inheritance. I heard that President Huo took over all of the Huo Family’s assets and didn’t give Vice Director and Huo Yanyan a cent, but I don’t know if it’s true or not,” Zhang Manlin awkwardly smiled.

“How about this, I’ll call him right now to see you. My guess is that he’ll be very shocked when he sees you,” Qin Chu sneered.

“Why?” Zhang Manlin was growing more restless, she didn’t know what Qin Chu wanted.



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