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(The Divorcing Crisis (8)

“How would I know? Children aren’t supposed to be meddling in the adult’s business,” Pudding responded calmly as she kept on playing her game.

“We’re fine. Mom, put the kids to bed later, I need to be somewhere.” Then, Qin Chu picked up his coat and left as well. “Did Daddy go to chase after Mommy?” Little Bean asked anxiously.

“What’s going on with those two? I thought everything seemed fine… No, I have to go pray for them at the temple.” Mrs. Qin began feeling unsettled as well.

“Little Bean, you and your sister should go to bed now.”

“Grandpa, I think Daddy’s been a little impatient recently. You’re Daddy’s daddy, can you talk to him? Maybe put some pressure on him,” Little Bean suggested.

“When has that brat ever listened to a word I said?” Mr. Qin sighed.

“Ignore them, they’ll figure it out,” Pudding said as she got up from the couch and walked towards the staircase.

“My sister’s too calm, this is not the time to be calm! How can she still be playing on her phone! Is she an idiot?” Little Bean was at a loss for words.

After their bath, Pudding went right back to her phone; she was playing a popular online game. She was so immersed that she barely acknowledged Little Bean’s presence, let alone worries and complaints.

Finally, Little Bean felt so neglected that she took out her phone and sent Gao Boyuan a WeChat message.

“Boyuan, are you sleeping?”

“It’s so late, why are you voice-messaging him?” Pudding eyed her sister.

“What else can I do? Gao Boyuan doesn’t know all the words yet so it’s too hard to type to him.”

“… Okay fine, you win. Forget I said anything.” Pudding then went back to playing on her phone.

Gao Boyuan: “Not yet, I just climbed into bed.”

Little Bean: “Is your daddy home?”

Gao Boyuan: “No, he’s on call. What’s wrong?”

Little Bean: “My daddy’s in a bad mood and just left the house. Uncle Gao is his only friend so I was wondering if they were together.”

Gao Boyuan: “Oh. I’m not sure, my daddy’s supposed to be on-call all night so he didn’t come back.”

Little Bean: “Oh, I see…”

Gao Boyuan: “Is something on your mind?”

Little Bean: “Yeah, I’m annoyed. Daddy and Mommy have been fighting a lot recently.”

Gao Boyuan: “Is it because your mommy had dinner with that male doctor?”

Little Bean: “I’m not sure, we didn’t hear any specifics. We just saw Mommy leave angrily. She went back to Grandma’s place.”

Gao Boyuan: “Things are that serious?”

Little Bean: “Yeah, that’s why I’m really worried.”

Gao Boyuan: “Don’t worry, let me give you a hug! Everything will be okay… My mommy always says your mommy and daddy have been in love for so many years that no one will break them apart. You really don’t have to worry, nothing will get between them.”

Little Bean: “That’s not the point, haven’t you heard of a saying?”

Gao Boyuan: “What saying?”

Little Bean: “Some relationships can brave big ups and downs, but fall in front of calm waters. Although Daddy and Mommy have been through a lot together, they might not survive a normal married life. I’m worried they’re at their seven-year mark.”

Gao Boyuan: “Um, has it been seven years already?”

Little Bean: “They haven’t been married for seven years, but they’ve definitely been together for seven. Who knows, this is too annoying!”

Those two little ones, Little Bean and Gao Boyuan continued chatting into the night…

It was almost 10 PM when Huo Mian arrived at Sky Blessing Court; her appearance surprised both Yang Meirong and Zhixin.

“Sis, why are you here? It’s so late!”

“Mhm, I was working overtime, I didn’t want to drive all the way back to South Hill Manor since I have an early meeting. Pretend I’m not here, go to sleep.”

“Mian, let me tidy up the room for you.”

No, Mom, it’s okay. I got it.”

Huo Mian wasn’t in the mood to chat with her mother and Zhixin, so she went straight up to the spare bedroom, where she hadn’t been in a long time.

-South Hill Manor, Basement –

A maid was on the phone, her voice hushed as if she was worried someone might hear her. “Hello? Mr. Huo? They just fought again, I’m positive. Young Madam already left to go to her mother’s place, I think it was pretty serious this time.”




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