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(The Abnormality of Huo Siqian (3)

“I only read a section of it and didn’t finish.”

“How come?”

“No interest, do you believe me?” Jiang Ye looked Huo Mian in the eye.

Huo Mian nodded. It wasn’t impossible since Jiang Ye was an odd one.

After less than half an hour, Huo Mian hurriedly left, afraid that Huo Siqian would be suspicious. The two of them didn’t take a single sip of their coffees.

By the time she had arrived home, both the twins and Qin Chu were still out.

She headed directly for the shower upstairs and slowly took out the diary in the bathroom.

She turned the water to hot, and as the room began to steam, she began to read the words that appeared in the diary.

Initially, she wanted to wait for Qin Chu’s return so they could read it together in the reading room. But then, she remembered the number of eyes that were still on them within the house and decided against it. If somehow anyone noticed anything, then the game would be over and it might drag Jiang Ye down as well. Hence, Huo Mian decided to read it first and tell Qin Chu the contents later.

Huo Mian waited patiently as the words became more and more clear.

In the beginning, Huo Mian was rather calm because Song Yishi seemed very emotional, so her entries were just random rambling. For example, one of the entries read, ‘I’m starting to have insomnia, when will days like this end?

Why is God treating me this way? Why is it that Huo Mian can easily have everything, while I have nothing? I hate everyone in this world, I don’t want to, and I don’t know why, I suddenly don’t want to live anymore, lol.’

Another entry read, ‘I’ve been too afraid to tell Mom and Dad my situation. They probably could never imagine that their daughter, the apple of their eye, has been living like she’s in hell. If I knew, I’d never have returned to the country, and I wouldn’t be like this now. I wish Qin Chu loved me, then everything would’ve been mine. I’ve never thought time would go by so slowly, I don’t know where my tomorrow is, and I have no idea what that person will do to me next.’

The ramble-like expressions didn’t seem like it came from Song Yishi. At the very least, Song Yishi was an intellect and wouldn’t speak such nonsense. But in the end, Huo Mian confirmed her handwriting as she had studied her writing for a long period of time when the first diary came out and pinned the murder on Qin Chu.

To Huo Mian’s conclusion, during the period where Song Yishi and Huo Siqian were married, she probably went through a lot of changes, and that was why she wrote these things. As Huo Mian continued to flip the pages, the contents became more and more creepy. The more she read on, the paler her face became.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Startled, she slapped the diary shut and shoved it in her bag.

“Who is it?” Huo Mian asked alarmingly.

“Young Madam, your mother-in-law made you Bird’s Nest Soup. I will put it on your nightstand, remember to eat it while it’s still warm,” the maid said.

“Sure, put it there, I will eat it once I finish showering.”

“Okay, I am leaving now.”

Once the maid left, Huo Mian became more cautious. She took the showerhead and sprayed it on the floor, in case anyone wondered if she was really taking a shower.

After a while, Huo Mian finally finished reading the diary. By the end, something in her had changed.

She didn’t think that after four years, she would still be able to see something Song Yishi had left behind. It was like a miracle.

To say the very least, for Song Yishi to keep a diary preserved in this special way, Huo Mian had to admit that Song Yishi had a couple of tricks up her sleeves.

What was more bewildering was that the person that discovered this diary was Jiang Ye. If no one ever found it, wouldn’t all of her plans have gone to waste?

Once Huo Mian finished reading, she ripped the diary apart and flushed it down the toilet.

As she turned to leave, she slipped on the wet floor and began falling forward. With a startled yelp, she consciously wrapped her arms around her waist.




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