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(The Divorcing Crisis (5)

“Does this have anything to do with you?” Qin Chu knew exactly what Huo Yanyan was trying to do, so his gaze looked colder by the second.

“I’m just asking, why are you getting angry, President Qin?” Huo Yanyan chuckled.

“I don’t believe we’re very close. You better not act like we are friends.” Upon finishing his words, Qin Chu turned on his heels and walked away, leaving Huo Yanyan to bite the dust.

Just as she was feeling a bit awkward for being left behind, Shen Mingxi walked over. “What’s going on, Yanyan?”

“Oh, nothing, I was just talking to Qin Chu.”

“You are close with Qin Chu?” Shen Mingxi looked pleasantly surprised.

“We’re okay. I’m close with Mian, so we would chat a little every time we meet,” Huo Yanyan lied without blinking to make herself look good.

“I have a project that is looking for a development team. I heard GK has an excellent team under them; it would be amazing if we can work together. Yanyan, when you have the chance, can you introduce me to him?”

“I see, no problem. But, perhaps after a couple of days? Qin Chu and Mian are having some arguments; it’s not good for me to bring this up right now.”

“Okay, no problem.” Like always, Shen Mingxi believed Huo Yanyan without a doubt.

The two of them had been rather a high key recently, especially now that the Huo Corporation was experiencing issues and Huo Siqian didn’t have the time to deal with them.

To everyone’s surprise, Su Yu also showed up at the party.

It had been a very long time since Su Yu last attended a business networking party like this. The fact that he showed up at the last minute pleasantly surprised the host.

A lot of the high profilers began to walk over to say hi. The moment everyone saw Su Yu, it was like they saw the God of Wealth, and they all hope they could get something out of him. Except for Qin Chu, of course.

“Hi, Mr. Su.” Shen Mingxi walked over awkwardly.

Surprisingly, Su Yu didn’t even lift up an eyelid and ignored him like he was a sack of air. Ever since the last unpleasant encounter he had with Shen Mingxi, he had kept his word of having nothing to do with him.

He deleted him off of WeChat, blacklisted his Weibo account, and refused to take any of his calls. Any way of communication had been ruthlessly blocked.

Shen Mingxi not only lost Su Yu as his backing, but he had also gotten into an argument with his own family because of Huo Yanyan. Due to all of these events, his business progression hadn’t been a smooth one.

He was hopeful that Su Yu would at the very least reply to him. After all, it was a public event. To his surprise, Su Yu didn’t even bother giving him a nod and left him stranded in his own feeling of awkwardness.

“Mingxi, are you and Su Yu still fighting?” Huo Yanyan asked in a low voice as she noticed something odd was going on.

Shen Mingxi licked his lips. Feeling embarrassed, he smiled. “No, Mr. Su’s got a rough temper, and he abhors evil as deadly foes.”

“What’s with you? Why did you have to say those things? We all know Su Yu cares a lot about Huo Mian.”

“How was I supposed to know that woman ranked so highly in his heart? After all, she’s another man’s wife.” Shen Mingxi felt helpless.

“Keep your voice low. If Su Yu hears you again, we will both be finished.” Huo Yanyan looked around cautiously. She was afraid of offending Su Yu and did not dare to discuss Huo Mian’s matters behind her back with Shen Mingxi.

After doing a quick loop around the venue, Su Yu walked over to Qin Chu with a glass of champagne.

“Good thing I bumped into you today, or else I’d have to pay you a visit to ask you something.”

“What is it?” Qin Chu glanced over at Su Yu and asked calmly.

“Are you close with Zhang Manlin?” Su Yu asked straightforwardly.

Upon hearing Zhang Manlin’s name, Qin Chu hesitated for a moment and didn’t reply directly. Instead, he asked, “How did you meet her?”

“It’s a long story, not something I can explain in a sentence or two. But, I need to warn you to not let your guard down just because she looks like Huo Mian. I think, for the very same reason that they look alike, you should be extra alarmed. This woman, she’s close with you and knows me too. Not only that, she also works right under Huo Mian. She racked up her brain to get into our circle, this whole thing feels a little…spooky,” Su Yu cautioned Qin Chu.



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