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(This Kind of Huo Mian Makes People’s Heart Ache (6)

“Your home is also at the South Side New Community?” Qin Chu asked.

“Yes, but your home is in the renowned rich area. South Hill Manor, right? My home is in the slums, the undeveloped area… Housing there is really cheap. The rent’s not even 1000 yuan. Haha.”

“President Qin… then…” Sun Xiaoxiao wanted to ask him to drive Miss Zhang home but felt that it was inappropriate so she swallowed the rest of the sentence.

“Since we’re going the same way, why don’t I drive you?”

Qin Chu continued to walk at the forefront…

Although she looked a bit tipsy on the outside, Zhang Manlin displayed a sly smile as she lowered her head.

Just like that, Zhang Manlin got into Qin Chu’s black Bentley.

As the car engine started, Sun Xiaoxiao also went home.

-Evening, at South Hill Manor –

“Daddy, why are you back so late?” Little Bean rushed into Qin Chu’s arms as soon as he entered the door.

“I had dinner outside.”

“Mommy’s not back yet.”

Your mommy’s doing overtime today. She won’t be back,” Qin Chu explained.

“But I miss her so much. Can you bring us to see her?”

“Now?” Qin Chu asked.

Yeah! We can bring her a lovely bowl of soup or something. She’ll be so moved,” Little Bean suggested.

“Daddy, Little Bean’s right.” Pudding walked over to her daddy to be more convincing.

“But it’s very late now. It’s probably not a good time to go. The two of you should go to sleep.”

“No! I want to see Mommy.”

Little Bean’s stubbornness was always Qin Chu’s weakness.

Before he could change his clothes, the twins forced him on the way to South Side.

The twins sat in the backseats with soup in their hands, happy as could be.

“Daddy, why do you smell like perfume?” Pudding suddenly asked.

After a moment of speechlessness, Qin Chu sniffed his arms.

“What, I don’t smell anything? Baby, are you sure? Don’t accuse me of something I didn’t do.”

“It’s not a mistake. I’m very sensitive to smells. Mommy had stopped using this kind of candy scent two years ago. It’s preferred by younger girls. And… because it’s a second-hand scent, it’s not as obvious… But I can still pick it up right away. It’s Genny Genny’s limited edition, the candy perfume. So… you had dinner with a woman, right? A young woman too.”

Yes.” Qin Chu nodded, trying his hardest to hold back laughter.

“Daddy, how could you still have the face to laugh? Tell us, which rich lady did you have dinner with?”

“No one… it was just a colleague. Stop guessing, you two.”

Qin Chu was helpless against his babies’ interrogation.

When they reached South Side, it was already past 10 PM.

Huo Mian had just come back from a round of room checkups.

At the entrance of the office stood Liu Ze and in his hands was a takeout bag of ramen from Ah-Xin’s Place.

“Doctor Huo, your midnight snack.”

“Doctor Liu, you’re too kind. You really shouldn’t have.”

“Eat. I like to eat too. If you feel like you owe me, pay me. Two yuan per bowl, thank you.”

Liu Ze reached out his hand, laughing. Two yuan was too minuscule of a number to pay back; Huo Mian knew that he was only joking.

Not far from them, Qin Chu and the twins stood there, watching in silence.

“Um… what am I looking at? That sad-looking doctor is hitting on Mommy?” Little Bean asked.

“How could something like this happen?” Pudding sighed.

Qin Chu didn’t say anything. He simply watched quietly with the sweet soup in his hand.

“Mommy…” Little Bean shouted out with the most adorable voice and rushed toward Huo Mian.

Huo Mian and Liu Ze both turned back…



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