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(The Divorcing Crisis (9)

“Okay, I got it.” Huo Siqian’s lips curled into a smile as he hung up the phone.

“Boss, I have something but I don’t know if I should say it or not…” Ah-Cheng asked, a little worried.

“If you’re not sure if you should say something, stay silent. It’s probably not important,” Huo Siqian said as he played with a bronze lighter.

“But I’m worried about you.”

“Then say it.” Huo Siqian knew how loyal Cheng was, so he was willing to listen.

“I just don’t think it’s normal for Miss Huo to have such a big fight with Qin Chu so suddenly.”

“You’re wrong, it’s not sudden. It all happened after Manlin appeared,” Huo Siqian said, sounding as if he already had the victory in his bag.

“Even so, Miss Huo and Qin Chu are smart people. Would they really fight like this because of Zhang Manlin?”

“What are you trying to say?” Huo Siqian raised an eyebrow and looked at Ah-Cheng.

“Do you think that something fishy is going on?” Ah-Cheng asked carefully.

“You’re saying that Mian and Qin Chu could be just putting on an act? You think they already found out about our plan and found our bugs and eyes around them?” Huo Siqian aked.

“It’s not impossible. I just think you should think of all the possibilities before making a decision.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not a rash person. It_s not my style anyway.”

“So… you know what’s going on? If so, why is Manlin still doing all this? What’s the point?” Ah-Cheng was now more confused than ever.

“If I don’t see through what you already saw through, how am I supposed to be your boss? If I were that stupid, I would’ve died a long time ago, haha…” Huo Siqian laughed domineeringly.

“That would be for the best. It looks like I was too slow, Boss, you are very smart.” Cheng looked at Huo Siqian admiringly. He had worked for him for a long time and therefore knew the kind of person he was. Huo Siqian was an adopted son who worked his ass off for recognition. After years of hard work, he finally climbed to the top of the pyramid, eliminating enemy after enemy along the way.

Huo Siqian often told Cheng and the others that one must endure more pain than others to become the best of the best. Although his advice didn’t have any fancy words, it had a point. Only those who survived the worst deserved to live the best.

After all, God was fair.

-Sky Blessing Court –

Huo Mian flipped back and forth on the bed; she had never fought like this with Mr. Qin. Were they believable? Would Huo Siqian fall for it?

Moreover, it hurt her deeply that she had to leave her twins behind. She felt worse than ever; however, they had to finish their act.

But, Mr. Qin’s acting made her heart ache…

Huo Mian sighed. She hoped that Huo Siqian would soon topple over, so their family could live a long, happy life together. She hated fighting with Qin Chu, even if they were just acting. When he looked at her, his eyes said everything – he loved her so much, and she loved him. She felt more heartbroken for him than anyone in this world.

-In some nightclub –

After Qin Chu left South Hill Manor, he ended up at a random club, drinking a bottle of really expensive red wine. More than a dozen girls came up to hit on him less than ten minutes, but Qin Chu had glared icily at all of them until they


He looked down at his watch; it was time, she should be here by now.

Just then, he saw a woman appear before him…



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