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(A Setup within a Setup, a Mystery within a Mystery (8)

The taxi driver hit the brakes immediately and pulled over. Huo Mian gave a hundred yuan to the driver, didn’t even ask for change, and hopped off.

In the falling snow, Huo Mian was standing in front of an old and shabby mechanic shop, looking at a familiar man fixing cars in a messy outfit.

“Hurry up, man, I’m in a huge rush.”

“Yes, it’ll be done shortly.”

Huo Mian just stood there. If she didn’t see it with her own eyes, she would never believe that one day. this man would be in such a situation.

Biting her lips, Huo Mian struggled and finally called out, “Wei Dong.”

“Yes?” Upon hearing someone calling his name, Wei Dong automatically stood up and turned around.

The moment he saw Huo Mian, his whole face changed.

Then he smiled awkwardly. “Huo Mian, you… why are you here?”

“I just passed by and saw a person that looked like you, so I got out of my car.”

“Ah, it’s so cold outside, don’t stand outside. Come in and talk,” Wei Dong warmly welcomed Huo Mian inside.

But in fact, it was not much warmer than outside in this small and shabby mechanic shop.

Seeing Wei Dong in such a situation, Huo Mian felt sorry for him.

Although she had already heard from the class reunion that he was not doing well, actually seeing it in person still made Huo Mian feel sad.

“Give me some time, let me finish fixing this. Okay?”

Huo Mian nodded and just stood on the side holding her Chanel bag, quietly waiting for him.

It was about ten minutes until Wei Dong finished fixing the car. After he took the money and walked the owner out, he went into the bathroom to wash his hands before coming out.

He was wearing an old blue uniform, which was a huge difference compared to all the designer-brands outfits he used to wear. This was extremely ironic.

“I’ve never thought that I could be found here by you. Haha,” Wei Dong said jokingly.

“Wei Dong, weren’t you… working at a 4S dealership before? Why did you…?” Huo Mian didn’t want to be too blunt.

“Ah…I was actually selling cars before. But the economy wasn’t good so we didn’t have good sales numbers. Just the income from that couldn’t support my life. After the issue happened to my dad and my uncle, all my family possessions were taken, which was also a huge hit for my mom, and she has been sick ever since. Now every day she needs a lot of money for her medical expenses. The place where I sell cars can give me about five to six thousand every month which is not enough to cover all the expenses for rent and living. That’s why I rented this place to continue fixing cars after work, which can also be considered my second job.”

Wei Dong said this in a sincere manner and with a sincere look in his eyes. They were no longer overly arrogant like before.

“Did you just get off work?” Wei Dong looked at Huo Mian.

Huo Mian nodded. “Yeah, there were traffic jams, so the driver took this little alleyway, which allowed me to see you here.”

“So, are you in a rush home? If not, I’ll treat you to dinner. Let’s catch up as old classmates. It’s so rare,” Wei Dong offered.


When Wei Dong was rich before, he didn’t even get a chance to eat alone with Huo Mian. But now, when he fell from grace, he just casually asked and didn’t even expect her to agree. So when Huo Mian took him up on that offer, he was quite surprised.

“What do you want to eat?” asked Wei Dong.

Huo Mian peeked around the food court across the street and said, “Maybe the knife-cut noodles. Haven’t had that for a while.”

“Okay. That noodle shop has pretty good food.”

Thus, Wei Dong took Huo Mian to a tiny noodle place across the street.

The two of them ordered two bowls of knife-cut noodles and several side dishes. Wei Dong had such mixed feelings while looking at Huo Mian. Nowadays, Huo Mian was an important person in the upper-class of society who had a net worth of over ten billion.

She was the deputy director of the South Side Recuperation Center, her husband was the CEO of a big corporation, and all her friends are either rich or in power. Even Su Yu, who was usually hard for anyone to reach, was said to be Huo Mian’s good friend. Huo Mian, even though she was sitting in front of him right now, seemed so far away.

“I heard that you went to the last class reunion. How was it? Was it fun?” Wei Dong offered a cup of hot tea to Huo Mian and asked casually.



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