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(The Situation is Becoming More Complex ⑴

Upon finishing his sentence, the crowd went wild.

“Wow! Who is it? Is it someone in our class?” the curious ones asked.

“Don’t tell me you’re also crushing on our Goddess Huo,” Han Xu joked.

Liu Ze only smiled politely and didn’t reply.

After everyone raised a glass to Liu Ze, they then began to raise their glasses to Huo Mian. After all, everyone knew that she had married extremely rich, and therefore had a golden title to her name.

However, Huo Mian was not in the mood. Regardless of who came to drink with her, Huo Mian only took one small sip from her glass.

“Goddess Huo, what’s going on? Are you looking down on us poor peasants?” Several people voiced their dissatisfaction at the fact that Huo Mian didn’t finish her drink every time.

Before Huo Mian could reply, Zhu Lingling rolled her eyes and defended, “What the hell do you guys know? My Mian is trying for a second pregnancy; Mr. Qin had already given orders to stay away from any alcohol. The fact that she is even sipping on her drink is giving you all enough courtesy. Don’t be a bunch of ungrateful pricks.”

“Prepping for a second pregnancy, already?” Han Xu was surprised.

Under the table, Huo Mian stomped on Zhu Lingling’s foot. “Dammit, are you trolling me right now?! Who told you I’m prepping?” Embarrassed, Huo Mian wanted the ground to swallow her up.

“Haha, if I didn’t say so, they would surely keep blabbing,” Zhu Lingling chuckled in secret.

“You have kids?” Liu Ze looked at Huo Mian and asked in a serious manner.

“Hmm, my daughters are already a little past 3,” Huo Mian answered.

Twin daughters, may I add,” Zhu Lingling added without a beat.

“I see, they must be as adorable as you are.” Liu Ze smiled tenderly.

“No, they look like my husband. Much cuter than me, overall,” Huo Mian always spoke proudly about Pudding and Little Bean.

One casual conversation after another, time began to fly. In the blink of an eye, two hours had already gone by.

By the time Liu Ze came back from paying the bill, the drink he had ordered was finally delivered.

Huo Mian glanced over and noticed it was a 1991 Lafite Legende. It wasn’t an extremely expensive drink, but on the other hand, it wasn’t cheap either.

“The drink just got here, and we’ve already finished dinner. Should we switch it up? How about I treat everyone to Karaoke?” Liu Ze suggested.

“Awesome! Good to see Mr. Liu has such a refined interest, we will definitely keep you accompanied till the end,” the group chimed.

Huo Mian glanced over at her phone. “You all go. Lingling and I will head home now, we’ll meet next time,” she said without much emotion.

“I see, how about I drive you ladies home then?” Liu Ze passed the red wine over to Han Xu.

“No need, we drove here.” Huo Mian and Zhu Lingling simply waved and walked out.

Seeming to be deep in thought, Liu Ze watched Huo Mian as she trailed away.

“Huo Mian is still just like the old times. The way she acts as if she’s too cool for us just pisses me off. I just want to smack her off of her high horse,” a girl complained.

“Don’t say that, Huo Mian is a nice person,” Han Xu defended.

“What’s so good about her? Ever since she got rich, no one has ever asked her for any favors. She didn’t even come to last year’s reunion. The only time she showed was because Qin Chu came. If anything, this woman is full of calculations.”

“I just remembered I have some business to attend to, so I won’t be joining you guys anymore. Class Rep, here is my VIP card. You guys can go and sing, I will cover all expenses.” Liu Ze opened his wallet and gave Han Xu a gold card. With the bottle of red wine in hand, he turned and left.

“What’s gotten into Mr. Liu?” The crowd wondered.

“You seem a little out of it today, what’s going on?” Zhu Lingling asked casually as she sat in the passenger seat scrolling through her social media feed.

“Lingling, do you think, there’s something off about this Liu Ze person?” Huo Mian furrowed her brows and asked.



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