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(A Setup within a Setup, a Mystery within a Mystery (13)

“Xixi, don’t think of yourself like that. A lot of people were against me dating Qin Chu in the beginning but I still persisted and did not compromise. As long as you think that Rick is the right person for you, don’t give up. It’s very hard to bump into someone you love and who loves you back. Although Rick might not be great at showing his emotions, I can still tell he really cares about you… You two have something special between you guys and it’s difficult to attain that. Don’t give up so easily.”

“Mian, I’m not giving up. I’m not even afraid of death so I won’t give up. But I’m really scared, scared that I’m really bad luck for Rick like how everyone’s telling me and I’ll bring Rick to his demise.”

“Don’t pay so much attention to what others think. If you listen to how people judge you all the time, your life will be very difficult. Listen to me, listen to your heart… Rick’s family is complicated and he grew up with a lot of hatred and very little love. You have become the only member of his family ever since his parents passed away and his brother was injured.”

“I will never leave him. I will always be by his side no matter how difficult it is…” Xixi seemed to have made up her mind about this a long time ago.

,rYou have to take care of yourself. Be careful of Luna. She seems like she’s a vengeful woman.”

Huo Mian could usually see through people pretty accurately so she told Xixi to be careful of Luna.

“I will. Rick always has someone protecting me so she can’t touch me.”

“That’s good…”

“Mian, thank you. I feel a lot better after talking to you.”

You’re welcome. If you feel unhappy, feel free to contact me.”

“I’m scared I’ll be bothering you at work.”

“Even if I’m busy, I’ll make time to talk to you,” Huo Mian said with a smile.

“Oh, Mian… Did my sister… come to you?” Xixi asked with hesitation.

“She told you?”

“Mhm. She mentioned it when we talked on the phone the other day. My sister has feelings towards President Su… Ugh… I’ve mentioned it enough to her but she still won’t give up. I know that President Su won’t like my sister or any other woman… Why is she bringing pain upon herself?”

“You can never judge another person’s relationships. Your sister is a nice girl but I can’t help her…” Huo Mian didn’t want to cause more trouble for Su Yu.

Ever since listening to Su Yu’s feelings the other day at the hospital, Huo Mian felt bad. She did not have the heart to introduce girls to Su Yu…

She decided that the least she could do was to not interfere with Su Yu’s life…

“Yes, I know. If she comes to you for help again, just decline. Slowly, she’ll let go. My sister’s personality doesn’t go well with President Su’s. Honestly though, if Qin Chu didn’t exist, I think you and President Su would be a good couple because only you can pacify President Su_s bad temper.”

“It’s not how you think. It’s just that I don’t let him do whatever he wants.” Huo Mian smiled.

Yes. You will always be my idol. I got to go now. I have to make Rick’s dinner.”


After hanging up, Huo Mian breathed a long sigh. Everyone had difficulties in their life. Xixi ventured abroad away from home for her pursuit of love.

Rick had to go against many families to protect Xixi, and it was also difficult for him.

Fundamentally, everyone did it for love…

Suddenly, her phone chimed and she got a message.

The look on Huo Mian’s face changed slightly when she looked down and read the message.



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