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(A Setup within a Setup, a Mystery within a Mystery (4)

“I’m not busy today, so I just swung by to visit you. Are you busy? Do you have time for lunch together?”

“Now? I still have to see patients in the afternoon. How about we eat in the cafeteria? Do you mind?” Huo Mian was laughing with her mouth covered.

“Of course, I don’t mind. You’re treating me anyway.”

“Don’t take advantage of me, you crazy rich person. I’m just a normal person. Not like you, the prince who wastes money like it’s nothing.”

“Alright, don’t tease me, let’s go.”


Huo Mian walked with Su Yu towards the hospital cafeteria, talking and laughing.

Huo Mian forgot that Liu Ze was beside them and didn’t even look at him.

Liu Ze stared at Huo Mian and Su Yu walking away, his emotions becoming a bit complicated.

“Hey, Dr. Liu, you’re not going to lunch?” When Chen Jie walked out of Huo Mian’s office after tidying it up, she happened to see that Liu Ze was standing not far away.

“Ah, I was going to get lunch with Dr. Huo but then her friend came.”

“Yeah, Young Master Su is our Chiefs good friend,” said Chen Jie proudly.

“Oh yeah? They… they’ve known each other for a long time?” Liu Ze probed carefully.

“Yeah, it’s been a few years.”

“Su Yu seems to be really nice to Dr. Huo,” Liu Ze remarked meaningfully.

They are really good friends so of course they have a good relationship. Young Master Su treats all of his friends around him nicely, and he’s even really good friends with our chiefs husband,” Chen Jie carefully explained in order to make sure no one misunderstood and spread gossip.

“Okay, I understand now. Hehe, Dr. Huo is really a legendary girl.”

Liu Ze walked away smiling.

Chen Jie tilted her head and looked curiously as she continued walking with the other nurses to the cafe.

“Jie, I don’t know how you feel but why do I feel like this newcomer Dr. Liu seems to be interested in our chief?”

“Don’t gossip. Our chief already has a husband and kids, so she really doesn’t like rumors,” Chen Jie said unhappily.

“Aiyah, I didn’t mean to speak ill of our chief. What I meant is, do you think it’s because our chief is too excellent and even attracted this newcomer Dr. Liu? I’ve heard that Dr. Liu comes from a rich family, too. The car he drives is a limited edition Ferrari. He’s definitely the example of tall, rich, and handsome. It would be nice if he could be interested in me,” the little nurse said dreamily.

-At the corner of the cafeteria –

Huo Mian got a huge serving of food for Su Yu and carried it over.

“I got you some eggplant with garlic sauce, sweet and sour fish, and some fried broccoli. Is that okay?”

Yeah, I’m not picky.” Su Yu smiled.

It seemed to have been a long time since the last time they sat down and ate facing each other like this.

Su Yu had been trying to intentionally distance himself from Huo Mian, just to avoid causing other people to spread rumors and making Qin Chu misunderstand their relationship.

“Did you come here today for fun or did you intentionally come for me?” Huo Mian asked casually.

“I miss you so can’t I just come to see you?” Su Yu answered directly.

Huo Mian suddenly didn’t know what to say and her expression wasn’t natural either.

After seeing it, Su Yu immediately explained, “Hey, I’m just kidding, why you are taking it so seriously? I’m so busy every day, when do I even have time to think of you? Do you really think you’re some beautiful fairy? If I have that much time, I’d rather go see some girls.”

“What happened? Anything interesting?” Huo Mian laughed.

“My annoying dad kept introducing people to me. But with all those low-quality ones, there’s no one I had my eyes on.” “So what type are you looking for?” asked Huo Mian while eating.

“I have to at least find a girl on the level of Anne Hathaway or someone like that.” Once Su Yu started talking, he immediately mentioned the name of a famous Hollywood star.

Huo Mian laughed so hard when she heard that.

“What are you laughing about?” Su Yu scratched his head and looked really cute.



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