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(A War Without Guns and Fire (11)

Instead, Liu Ze said with a smile to Huo Mian, “It’s not a joke. I’m serious.”

“But Mr. Liu, you’re not in need of money…” Some of his former classmates did not understand why Liu Ze wanted to work at South Side.

Yeah. You’re a person who drives a limited edition Ferrari. Wouldn’t it be weird if you worked at South Side,” another person said.

Just then, Zhu Lingling found out who that car belonged to. “Oh, so that purple Ferrari downstairs is yours…”

Liu Ze smiled. He seemed to have acknowledged that he owned it.

“I’m interested in working in the medical industry, and this has nothing to do with money. Shouldn’t people live for their passion? Wouldn’t it be boring to just chase after money?”

“Psh, we don’t understand how people with millions think.” Even Han Xu laughed.

“Huo Mian, can you help me?” Liu Ze asked again.

“If you really want to work there, then you can just interview for a position. Although I am a deputy director, I don’t have a lot of real power, so I can’t help much. Director Wu is the one who is in charge of both South Side and First People’s Hospital so I’m very sorry that I’m not much help.”

Huo Mian did not want to help him so she phrased it as if she was powerless.

“Looks like Goddess Huo does not want to help me,” Liu Ze said, still smiling.

“It’s not that I don’t want to help, it’s just that my powers are limited,” Huo Mian said with a faint smile.

The people in the room started to talk about the good old days when they were still in school. Huo Mian, however, was not interested in chatting about these kinds of things.

She might have taken into consideration before of their former friendship and participated in the conversation but after how they talked about Wei Dong, Huo Mian was utterly disgusted by their characters.

People continuously gave toasts. Of course, people chose those who had power and wealth to give toasts to.

Liu Ze was the most popular person at this class reunion. Even though it was a class reunion, it seemed to be like Liu Ze’s personal party. Although Liu Ze was not a high-key kind of guy, he still couldn’t handle all the kiss-ass praises his former classmates gave him.

Zhu Lingling whispered by Huo Mian’s ears, “Look at how disgusting these people are! All they see is money. They don’t have any self-respect.”

Huo Mian simply smiled back. She held her wine glass and remained silent. She thought that Lingling was right even though she said it in a rude way.

“Young Master Liu, we’re really happy that you’re here at this class reunion. Now that you are all rich and successful, you will have to help us out in the future,” one of the guys said to Liu Ze with his face bright red.

“Yeah, Liu Ze. You have to help us poor people. Oh, are you married yet?” one of the girls asked nosily.

Almost all the girls in the room eagerly waited for Liu Ze’s response.

“Not yet I was studying abroad for many years and just came back.”

“Wow, so you’re a golden bachelor!” one of the girls shrieked.

“I’m not golden. I’m just another loner,” Liu Ze said humbly.

“Mr. Liu, your father retired many years ago right. Is he still in China?” someone else asked.

“Yeah, my parents retired very early. They’re in Australia with my sister. My sister had left for Australia for her studies many years ago and she’s living and working there. She’s even married to a Chinese descent. My parents are helping them take care of their child. They haven’t been back in China for many years.”

“Why did you come back when your whole family immigrated?” Zhu Lingling asked curiously.

“Because I… want to confess to a girl I liked many years ago,” Liu Ze said and looked emotionally at Huo Mian, who was looking down and playing with her phone.




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