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(A Setup within a Setup, a Mystery within a Mystery (10)

“Future… Haha… Honestly though, I didn’t think too far ahead. With my current situation, I don’t think there’s much use thinking too much,” Wei Dong scoffed at himself.

Huo Mian nodded. She didn’t respond but instead looked at her watch – it was time to leave.

“The traffic’s probably not congested anymore. I will leave now.”

“Okay.” Wei Dong nodded.

When Huo Mian stood up, Wei Dong seemed like he suddenly had something to say to her, “Oh, Huo Mian, I…”

“I know. I won’t tell our classmates that you opened up a workshop here to fix cars,” Huo Mian said as she thought that Wei Dong was afraid she would tell the others about his current address.

“No, it’s not that. I heard Han Xu say that Liu Ze came to the last class reunion,” Wei Dong said.


“You have to be careful of him. He’s not as nice as he looks.”

’Yeah, I know, thanks.” No matter how things were, she was thankful that Wei Dong warned her.

Soon after Huo Mian left, a female banker came.

“Hello, are you Mr. Wei Dong?”

Yes, and you are…” Wei Dong asked with confusion.

“I’m Miss Huo’s personal wealth manager. Miss Huo has asked me to come to talk to you about issues relating to your finances.”

“Finances?” Wei Dong was even more confused.

“Simply put, Miss Huo is willing to transfer you five million yuan from her personal account as a loan. She will not charge any interest because she does not want to give you pressure for your new venture. You can pay back the principal when you earn back the money.”

Wei Dong was shocked by what he just heard.

“Huo Mian, she…”

“Miss Huo thought it wouldn’t be appropriate to talk to you about this in person so she sent me here. Mr. Wei, do you have a bank account at our bank? If so, you can sign here and I can transfer you the money with my phone. You will be able to immediately use these funds.”

“How much did you say just now? Five million?” Wei Dong said with an astonished look.

“Yes. Mr. Wei, you are very lucky to have Miss Huo as a friend. Miss Huo has always been a low-profile person so she does not show off her wealth. However, she is willing to help you so you must have your outstanding traits. It’s getting late now so shall we get started?”

Just like that, Wei Dong received Huo Mian’s five million yuan loan.

If it were Wei Dong in the past, five million yuan was nothing to him as he had plenty of money.

To the current Wei Dong, even 50 thousand yuan was a lot, so five million was an immense number.

Wei Dong felt very heavy inside with this newly gained funding.

Many years ago, he wanted to take advantage of Huo Mian’s relationship with Qin Chu and Huo Siqian to get a massive loan for private reasons. Huo Mian rejected him that time.

Sometime later, he got drunk and even mocked Huo Mian in the class group chat and said that she was now rich and snobby.

Zhu Lingling criticized him gravely. Fast forward in time, his family went bankrupt and he was now able to see how humanity truly was.

He had to restart everything: from the lowest status in society. He was now able to see who were his real friends.

After Wei Dong fell from grace, no one lent him a penny, not his classmates, not even Han Xu. He had no real friends.

As the saying goes, money can tell you who is your real friend. Under such terrible circumstances, he still didn’t ask Huo Mian for money because he knew he would be rejected.

To his surprise, Huo Mian was willing to lend him five million yuan with no interest charged just because he sincerely offered to treat her to a bowl of noodles.

Wei Dong was deeply touched by how generous Huo Mian was.

She never showed off her wealth and was willing to help others when they were in need. She was willing to lend him a hand when he was broke.

Wei Dong deeply respected Huo Mian for her demeanor.

Huo Mian got a call from Wei Dong after dinner. She was just about to go downstairs and play with the twins.

Huo Mian…” he said in a solemn tone.



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