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(A War Without Guns and Fire (6)

“It looks like you know nothing…” Huo Siqian looked at her with gleeful delight.

Huo Mian detested his haughty attitude and was starting to glare at him with anger.

“If you won’t spit it out, then get out! I don’t have time for your bullsh*t!”

“Mian, you can’t trust Qin Chu too much. He isn’t god. At the end of the day, he’s just another ordinary man so he too will make mistakes that might disappoint you. I told you before that in this world, only I will never betray you. Only I will use my life, no, even my soul, to love you. Only when you are with me can you achieve true happiness.”

“And you can stop daydreaming…” Huo Mian scoffed.

“What if Qin Chu betrayed you? What if there was another woman in his life? Would you forgive him? Do you want to be those weak female celebrities who beg for love and are willing to accept disrespect? Would you endure all of this and say it’s for the benefit of your children and to protect the family?” Huo Siqian laughed.

“Qin Chu will never betray me,” Huo Mian responded confidently.

“There’s no ‘nevers’ in this world. My dear, you can’t trust him too much. Maybe he isn’t as great as you thought.” Before Huo Mian could respond, Huo Siqian stood up and left.

Huo Mian was feeling slightly uncomfortable. She was second-guessing her beliefs and wondering if Huo Siqian knew something she didn’t know about.

What if it was what Zhixin mentioned to her before?

What if Qin Chu had something he hid from her and decided to hide it from her forever?

“No,” she thought to herself. She couldn’t listen to Huo Siqian’s cunning words. He was just trying to alienate her from Qin Chu. She knew she needed to believe Qin Chu unconditionally. After all, they met and fell in love in their teenage years, been through many challenges, and still ended up together. She knew she shouldn’t take others’ words at face value. She tried to comfort herself with positive thoughts.

However, Huo Siqian’s words today had planted a seed of doubt in Huo Mian’s heart.

After work, Huo Mian drove directly over to the headquarters of the GK Corporation. She had not done that in a long while.

“Hello, President Huo.”

“Good evening, President Huo.”

Many employees of the GK Corporation would greet Huo Mian when they saw her. Since she had previously worked there for three years, the employees there were used to calling her “President Huo”, instead of “Young Madam”.

“Oh, you’re here, President Huo,” Bella said as she saw Huo Mian on the top floor. She had just left the Finance Department.

Yeah, where is he?”

“President Qin is down at the construction site with a few of the engineers to see the progress on the project. I think he’s going to be back soon.”

“Okay, I’ll just wait for him in his office. Can you get me a cup of coffee please, Bella?”

“No problem.”

When Huo Mian went into Qin Chu’s office, she sat herself down at his desk. Seldom did she look at his stuff but today, she peeked through Qin Chu’s drawers. It might have been because of what Huo Siqian said to her earlier that day.

In the drawers were documents and her photos. It was just like how it had always been.

Qin Chu’s computer password was a combination of her’s and the twins’ birthdays. She was able to unlock it immediately.

Huo Mian glanced quickly at all of his hard drives. She was not able to find anything suspicious.

“President Huo, here is your coffee.”

“Thank you.”

Huo Mian took the cup. She had a sip and asked Bella with a smile, “Has my husband been busy lately? Who has he been meeting with?”

“President Qin is rather busy. He has a lot of meetings with investors. He also has to inspect the construction sites. There are three recent developments that President Qin places high importance on.”

“Oh…” Huo Mian nodded.

“President Huo, did you have something urgent you need President Qin for? I can call him so you don’t need to wait so long.”

“That’s alright. I can wait here. I’m free anyway. Bella, can you get Zhixin in here? I want to ask him something.”



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