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(Bad Jinx or Lucky Star?)

"Xueluo, why are you blaming her, Xiao Ling is did nothing wrong!" Zhuang Lingyu pulled her daughter's hand over and looked at her pale little face, her heart aching. "I can't believe something like this would happen, you've really suffered!"

Ning Xueluo revealed a face full of tolerance and vulnerability and said, "Mother, I don't feel like I've suffered. I actually don't mind what happened tonight at all. As long as Bro Yan is sincerely good to me, I don't care about other people's attitude or how they see me! I truly love Bro Yan, and I was not using him as a tool to show off! Only big sister...the way she acted tonight...really made me too sad...I really don't know why she has to treat me like this..."

Xiao Ling quickly added from the side, "Miss, is that even a question? Master Su proposed to you tonight! It would be weird if she did not try to ruin it. She just can't stand seeing you happy!"

Ning Yaohua's face darkened when he heard this, "That girl is really too much! People don't know that they are sisters now, but if they did and they saw them being jealous of each other and fighting with each other, how would that reflect on us?"

Ning Xueluo held back her tears, "It was indeed my fault for misunderstanding her for the previous incident, but I've already what I could've done and I've tried my best to help her. Yet, I am rejected by her every time. Now, her misunderstanding of me is only getting worse, I really don't know what to do..."

Zhang Lingyu sighed, "Haih, stupid girl, Mother has told you many times...why do you care about what she thinks? Aren't you aware of her personality by now? Just don't deal with her!"

Ning Xueluo's face immediately turned serious and said, "Of course I must care, she's your daughter. As much as I care for the both of you, that is how much I must care for her! I would not hope that I am the reason the both of you would be in any sort of dilemma!"

Ning Yaohua was touched, "Xueluo, I don't really know what to say. If only Ning Xi was half as mature as you are, I...sigh..."

Ning Xueluo revealed a pitiful face and said, "Sometimes I really think I should return to the Tang family.


Zhuang Lingyu held her hand anxiously when she heard this, "Xueluo! How could you say something like this? Do you want to abandon your mother?"

"But maybe if I left, sister would be willing to come home. I feel like I'm a bad jinx, preventing the family from reuniting..." Ning Xueluo said as she started to cry and blame herself.

Zhuang Lingyu quickly hugged her to console her, "Xueluo, how could you say something like this? You're my most precious daughter, our Ning family's lucky little star. Since you were born, our Ning family's business expanded and our family became increasingly prosperous too. It was you who introduced Boss Wang to us so we could seal the deal the last time, remember?"

When Ning Yaohua heard that Ning Xueluo wanted to return to the Tang family, he became tensed as well, "You're not allowed to say things like that about yourself anymore! How could the fate Medium Long predicted of you be wrong? You're our Ning family's lucky star! No one's allowed to chase you out!"

Zhuang Lingyu helped her wiped away her tears and said, "Xueluo, we know that you've suffered today. Not another word, tonight was just a marriage proposal. Wait till the both of you have an official engagement banquet, that's when you'll really be in the limelight!"

"Right, we definitely won't let anyone compare to you then! Later, I will personally discuss this with the Su family!"



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