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(Miss Was Wronged Tonight)

As Lu Jingli said this, he revealed a cunning grin, "However, you have two things that can immediately defeat him! Firstly, you're closer to her. It's not that easy for that guy to return to this country. Secondly, is, of course, our Little Treasure!"

Lu Tingxiao lightly knocked his knuckles on his armrest, "How is Little Treasure's school registration coming along?"

"It is I who is handling it, don't worry about it. He can start school anytime!"


Ning Family Bungalow.

"Aiya, Xueluo is home! Were you happy tonight? Tell Mother about it!" Zhuang Lingyu knew about Su Yan's marriage proposal tonight and she purposely waited for her daughter to get home.

When she saw Zhuang Lingyu's face full of expectations, Ning Xueluo forced a smile and replied, "Mother, I'll tell you all about it later. I'm kinda tired, I'll go rest first..."

"Ah? Tired?" When she saw her daughter walk straight to her room and close the door, Zhuang Lingyu looked at her husband in confusion. "What's wrong with Xueluo?"

Ning Yaohua put the newspaper in his hands down and knew something was amiss too. He called over the maid who usually looked after Ning Xueluo.

"Master, are you looking for me?"

"Xiao Ling, go find out what happened tonight. Why did Miss lock herself in as soon as she got back?" Ning Yaohua ordered.

Zhuang Lingyu added, "Exactly. In fact, she doesn't look too good. Didn't Su Yan propose tonight? Logically, shouldn't she be really happy? Unless she's just being shy?"

This was when the maid quickly said, "Master! Madam! That's not it! Miss was wronged tonight!"

Ning Yaohua's expression immediately changed. "What? Wrong? Who would dare wrong my baby girl? Is it that punk Su Yan?"

The maid shook her head, "How could it be Master Su? Master Su loves Miss!"

"Then what happened? Tell us clearly!" Zhuang Lingyu rushed her.

"Master, Madam, tonight's incident is much too complicated, there's no way to explain it briefly. should watch it and understand it yourself!" the maid said as she took out her phone and clicked on a broadcast.

Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu looked at each other, then quickly took over the phone to watch.

Both of them quickly watched the broadcast and their faces started to look increasingly unhappy by the moment...

The maid angrily said, "Master, Madam, you see for yourself now! Tonight was actually a banquet for Master Su's proposal to Miss, which he had prepared for so long!

"Ning Xi kept ruining things! Luckily, our Miss has such a good temper that she tolerated one incident after another. She couldn't hold it in any longer when she reached home!

"Miss was so sad at that time! It should have been one of her happiest moments, and yet it was ruined! At last, she was laughed at by so many people present and it was even broadcasted onto the Internet! It's now all over the Net, that's how I saw it..."

In reality, the broadcast was actually downloaded from the Internet and edited. The parts where Fang Ya picked fights with Ning Xi over and over again had been edited out...

Just as Xiao Ling was complaining, Ning Xueluo's serious voice was heard from behind, "Xiao Ling! Who gave you permission to spurt nonsense here!?"

Xiao Ling received the hint from Ning Xueluo and pretended to be pitiful, "Miss! I...I'm sorry! But I'm only telling the truth! I'm only angry for you..."


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