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(Cabbage Lu And Carrot Yun)

Lu Jingli flew over, "Oh! Sister-in-law, my dear sister-in-law..."

Ning Xi’s face darkened, "If you speak any more nonsense, you'd better give it back to me!"

Lu Jingli quickly took his dessert as far away as possible, "It’s not nonsense!"

Then he started eating it with his bare hands, and kept on talking while he did so, "Xiao Xi Xi, please learn how to make this! Then I’d be able to taste it regularly!"

"It’s not difficult to make this. I do know how to, but how is it comparable to what Elder Cai made! Don’t think too much!" Ning Xi discouraged him.

Lu Jingli ate the dessert in anger, "My brother is really too much…"

"How is this suddenly related to you brother?"

Lu Jingli stared at Ning Xi, and then replied, "I don’t know who invited Danial, but as for Cai Fengxian, I saw with my own eyes my brother leaving the cocktail party halfway to make the call and to personally invite him over! I’ve begged him a few times before but he wouldn’t invite him for me!"

Ning Xi was speechless.

Cai Fengxian…

Was invited by Lu Tingxiao…?

She did have an inkling it might have been him but she did not expect it to really be him!

Then, the emergency food sourcing was his arrangement as well…?

Such an perfectly thought out way of handling things, as expected of the devil…

Lu Jingli was satisfied looking at Ning Xi’s surprise, and of course, he had some important questions for her…

After he finished the dessert, Lu Jingli stood in front of Ning Xi and asked in the tone of a petulant, little child, "Xiao Xi Xi! I’m really curious about something! If Mr. Cai Fengxian was invited by my brother, who invited Danial then?"

Ning Xi could not hold it in anymore, "Second Master, you wouldn’t be able to get yourself a wife if you keep being such a busybody!"

"Wasn’t expecting one!" Lu Jingli replied naturally.

Ning Xi was exasperated.

"Say it, say it! Tell me who it is! I promise to not tell anyone!" Lu Jingli was persistent.

Ning Xi rolled her eyes, who could believe him?

As Ning Xi was annoyed by Lu Jingli's begging, her phone rang twice.

She looked to see two new messages.

She unlocked her phone to check what it was.

Ning Xi was stunned to see the new messages…

[YS: How was the dinner?]

[Lu Tingxiao: How was the dinner?]

Ning Xi was shocked.

What was this coincidence? Even the timestamps of their messages were exactly the same!

As she was still shocked, two more rings followed:

[YS: Which one was the best? This is a compulsory question ^_^]

[Lu Tingxiao: Which one did you like the most?]

They sent it at the same time again…

Could there possibly be any less teamwork here?!

Lu Jingli saw Ning Xi’s weird expression and asked, "Xiao Xi Xi, what's happened? Who's texting you at this hour?"

"Uhm, it’s nothing…" Ning Xi was shocked and hid her phone.

What a close shave! Lu Jingli almost saw it.

To avoid any misunderstanding, she was going to change the contact names of these two people…

Ning Xi thought about it while touching her chin. She intentionally avoided Lu Jingli and started changing the names on her phone.

YS became Carrot Yun…

Lu Tingxiao became Cabbage Lu...


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