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(Xiao Xi Xi! You’re The Bomb!)

"Boss Fong? Why is he giving us this?"

"Thanks to you, their hotel was able to be involved in this popular event, saving them a lot of advertisement fees! A platinum card is nothing compared to that!"

Ning Xi sighed as she could not explain what happened tonight to anyone, so she just accepted it, "Fine, then you should keep it!"

"Ah? Me?" Xiao Tao was surprised.

"Of course, my matters in the future will be handled by my loyal assistant: you. It’d be much easier if you kept it!"

Xiao Tao’s face reddened, "Then...then I shall!"


Regal Riveria hotel.

When Ning Xi got back to her apartment, she just threw herself onto the bed without doing anything else.

Tonight was really tiring…

Her heart was tired…

She had been worried since yesterday with various conflicts popping up incessantly…

At this point, she just had no more strength.

As she lay on the bed and tried to go to sleep, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Ning Xi was exasperated, it was very late already, who could it be? She was starting to develop a phobia for the doorbell!

It was none of her concern, she thought.

Ning Xi continued lying on her bed and did not move an inch, but the doorbell kept on ringing persistently as if it was ringing for its life.

Finally, Ning Xi got up and opened the door with a gloomy face.

She heard a really urgent voice from outside, "Xiao Xi Xi! Open the door! Xiao Xi Xi! Quickly open the door! Xiao Xi Xi! Quickly open the doooooor!"

Ning Xi finally opened the door, angrily coming face to face with Lu Jingli, "Second Master! Stop being so loud! It’s very late already, what do you want?"

Lu Jingli barged in without hesitation and he excitedly said, "Xiao Xi Xi! You’re the bomb!"

Ning Xi rolled her eyes, "You’re the one who's the bomb..."

Lu Jingli paced around the living room, mumbling, "Crap! I really, really, really regret it!"

Ning Xi massaged her temples, "Stop circling around! What are you trying to say?"

Lu Jingli said with a painful expression, "What I want to say is, why did I go to that boring business cocktail party?! It made me miss such a cool event! And now I can only search for live videos and cry while watching it!"

Ning Xi was annoyed, "Because these boring cocktail parties are bringing you profit! How is gossip more important than profit?"

Lu Jingli justified himself, "How is profit more important than gossip?"

"...right, I forgot that you’re filthy rich! Money is just a number to you. Indeed to you, gossip is more important!"

Lu Jingli put a hand to his chest dramatically, "And...and Danial was there tonight! And Cai Fengxian! Do you know how difficult it is to have a meal prepared by these two? I actually missed it! Missed it! Not just one, but two of them! I really want to die right now!"

Ning Xi was annoyed, "Then you should run over to Royal Jazz hotel now. Maybe you’d get to have some leftovers! What are you doing here at my place?"

Lu Jingli did not say anything and he just stared at her with eyes full of hatred and jealousy.

Ning Xi could not stand him anymore, "Fine, fine. You really are my boss! I knew you couldn't make it and that you really like them, so I brought back something for you."

Ning Xi took out an exquisite dessert from the fridge, "The others were too difficult to bring back, I’ve only got this sweet potato cake here!"


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