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(Hard To Compare

As she listened to the comments from the food critics around her, Xiao Tao said with her mouth full of food, "My God! It's all so delicious, and too hard to choose between the two! What about you, Sis Xi? Which do you think tastes better?"

Ning Xi held her chin and thought, "Indeed, it is quite hard to compare the both cuisines. In terms of the dessert and the appetizer, the Western cuisine seems to fare better than the Chinese dishes. The desserts by Mr. Danial not only show delicate craftsmanship, but the texture is also really good. However, the main course for the Chinese cuisine might win by a little. As what the food journalists previously said, you get a taste of the human touch of Chinese food. Just by listening to the names of those dishes, you'd know that every dish has a special meaning to it..."

Xiao Tao nodded, "If you put it that way, it really is too hard to compare..."

Under the crowded yet peaceful atmosphere plus the joy that good food brought, the banquet slowly came to an end...


After the banquet ended, Ning Xi went to use the restroom while Xiao Tao waited for her outside.

Just as she was browsing Weibo, someone called out for her, "Hello, are you Miss Ning's assistant?"

Xiao Tao looked up and was surprised to see that it was the hotel owner speaking too her. "Yes, Boss Fong, is there anything I can help you with?"

"Ahh, yes, here is a small gift for Miss Ning from me. Please accept it on her behalf if it's not too shabby!" Boss Fong said as he passed her a small card sincerely.

Xiao Tao took a look at the gold-plated card and asked, "What's this?"

Boss Fong explained, "This is our Royal Jazz Hotel's Platinum card! Royal Jazz Hotel has three types of cards: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Platinum is the highest ranking card. Not only would you get up to 60% in discount, you will even enjoy the most honorable treatment. The hotel will exclusively reserve a VIP suite for Platinum card holders. So no matter when you come by, we will definitely have room for you!"

Xiao Tao was shocked when she heard all of this but she tried to maintain some calmness. From her experience following Leng Manyun, such occurrences were common. She knew that if she acted too emotionally, people would view Ning Xi lightly. She was currently not only representing herself, but Ning Xi too.

Thus, Xiao Tao acted nonchalantly and said, "However, one only gets rewarded if one deserves it well..."

"Miss Assistant, you're too kind. Thanks to Miss Ning this time around, our hotel was lucky enough to host two big chefs such as Danial and Elder Cai themselves. I am thankful beyond comparison!" Boss Fong gushed as something flashed in his eyes. He lowered his voice to add on, "Please ask Miss Ning to thank those two big shots as well!"

Xiao Tao blinked, she was confused. Which big shots? Who was he talking about?

Xiao Tao did not understand, so she just ignored the question, "In that case, thank you, Boss Fong, for your kindness!"

Seeing that Xiao Tao did not give him an assertive answer, Boss Fong was slightly unwilling to leave. However, he knew that he should not ask too much, so he just nodded and left.

Before leaving. Boss Fong turned around to look at the little assistant again. He had even more suspicions now.

Pfft, I can't believe I still didn't get it out of her...

Were the figures behind Ning Xi's grand show the two that he had in mind?

Never mind. No matter what, it was never wrong to be courteous!

As soon as Ning Xi came out of the restroom, Xiao Tao immediately let go of the calm facade she put on and happily skipped over, "Sis Xi, let me show you something!"

"What is it?" Ning Xi asked suspiciously.

"Royal Jazz's Platinum card for you! Boss Fong just gave it to me!"

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