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(The Spotlight Of A Joke)

Unfortunately, tonight was destined not to be as they wished...

As the hotel owner was anxious, a waiter from the outside rushed in and whispered something into his ear.

It was not sure what the owner had heard but his face clearly showed instant shock and then he quickly went out.

Just as he stepped outside, he saw two rows of well-trained waiters holding fresh ingredients in their hands. It seems like it had been directly air flown over...

Such generous expense, who could it be?

Could it be...could it really be him?

The owner's mind only entertained this thought briefly then stopped and quickly let them deliver the items.

The ingredients are more important!

When one after another cooler boxes of ingredients were slowly delivered, the entire crowd was stunned at this scene.

The last hope Ning Xueluo had in her heart vanished too. She sat looking crushed on the chair...

Damn it...

The remaining time was torture to her. Whenever there was a camera or phone camera pointing at her, she had to gather herself together.

She should have been the center of attention tonight, and yet, she really was in the spotlight, but the spotlight of a joke...

Danial's sous chef was Alain, and Elder Cai's sous chef was his eldest son, Cai Cheng. The rest of the assistants came from their own team of elites. Both parties' began intensively cooking...

As time passed, the banquet hall started to be filled with the fragrant smell of food. Everyone was under the spell of the irresistible smell of the food and how delicious they looked, as their mouths involuntarily salivated.

At last, both sides prepared ten dishes each, including two desserts.

On Elder Cai's end, he had prepared Hibiscus Jelly Rolls, Golden Shark Fin Soup, Five Flavored Abalone, Manchu Pearl Meatballs, Royal Bird's Nest, Tai Qi Vegetable, First Class Ginseng, Snow Crab, Sweet Potato Cake, and Durian Puff.

Danial, on the other hand, had prepared Hudson Valley Duck Liver Pate, Grilled Squab with Mixed Herbs, Fresh Abalone with Jellyfish, Sweet Sauce Roast Pork, Zhenjiang Vinegar Crisp Eel, Cherry-Apple lobster, Garlic Oyster Tempura, Baked Vegetables with Mussels, Plum Champagne Float, and Gregor Cheese Puff.

Both parties' delicacies looked unique, clearly translating and representing the food culture of their respective home countries.

An actress who was recording live turned her phone camera to point at the table full of food in front of her and started telling the fans, "Fans of mine, look! I'm going to start eating! You guys can just watch. haha..."

The fans who were watching live immediately cried.

"Releasing such poison at night, and the worst kind of poison too. How mean of you!"

"I'm so angry that I started eating spicy strips!"

"Please point the camera at my Goddess Ning! No wait, I had better clarify, it's Goddess Xi! I want to see how a goddess eats!"

"Same here! Goddess Xi is too cool tonight!"

"Hahaha...exactly! I'll watch you be cool quietly, I'd never disrupt you..."


In the next second, the cameras turned towards Ning Xi in the corner as the public had requested.

Ning Xi was focused on tasting the food. As if she instinctively felt someone shooting her, she looked up and smiled out of politeness...

"Oh! I was electrified! Electrified by the goddess' smile!"

"She's so pretty, I'm crying!"

"No wonder Mr. Danial kept emphasizing 'the beautiful and honorable Miss Ning'! Indeed, only Goddess Xi deserves these two adjectives!"

"Ning Xi is elegance radiating from within her bones! I'm going to switch stands!"


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