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(Completely Flawless)

"I'm of the same opinion as Danial," said Elder Cai.

"Uhh..." Okay! I guess, at this point I can only ask Ning Xi?

The hotel owner rushed towards Ning Xi. "Miss Ning Xi, you heard what Mr. Danial and Elder Cai had to say. They will only accept recording by your guests. There are so many reporters waiting outside, what do you think?"

Ning Xi deliberated when she heard this. Since this was a joyous occasion for many parties, she would offend many people if she rejected now. Actually, there was no issue to do those reporters a favor, only...

Ning Xi chose her words carefully and said, "This banquet is to launch 'The World', and it's not my personal banquet. Since Producer Wang and the director are okay, then so am I! However, Boss Fong, please do filter all the reporters outside. Make sure they're of substance before letting them in. Also, they must not affect the flow of the banquet, or else we will need them to leave!

"Both chefs have come from afar, we wouldn't want any unhappy incidents. What do you think?"

Ning Xi's reasoning had no flaws to it. Boss Fong's eyes revealed a light of respect that could have easily gone unnoticed. He was the one that had hoped the most for this banquet to go as planned, so naturally, he agreed. "Definitely! I will let them know and increase security to control the flow. It definitely won't affect tonight's agenda and our honorable chefs!"

Very quickly, a huge group of reporters swarmed in from the outside.

The reporters were quite cooperative. They were professional food journalists after all, and acted respectfully purely based on the fact that they were in the presence of two top chefs. After they gave Ning Xi a look of gratitude, everyone quietly found a corner to set up their cameras.

A battle of Chinese and Western delicacies officially began...

Boss Fong was anxiously rushing for people to prepare the table when a waiter came over with a list, "Boss, these are the ingredients both chefs need!"

Boss Fong had a look at the list and was dumbfounded, "Aiyo, how could I forget the most important thing! Previously, I would not have expected this situation but now our hotel definitely did not prepare enough ingredients! Mr. Danial did prepare his own ingredients, but now they are changing the menu, and they need a lot more other ingredients!"

"In fact, I think it would be too late to deliver them now. What can we do?!" The manager was anxious as well.

As he saw that both chefs had begun preparing, unaware that their hotel did not have enough ingredients, the hotel owner became increasingly worried.

When they saw that the owner's anxious face, the guests started to whisper to one another...

"What's wrong with the owner? He looks pale."

"I think it's because there aren't enough ingredients. Because now they're about to battle, they will definitely need double the amount of ingredients! In fact, both chefs have very high standards for their ingredients, the regular ingredients won't do!"

"Pfft! No way, we've all been looking forward to this. Don't tell me that it's not going to work out in the end?"

"What's going on?"

"Also, so many reporters have come over. We can't just tell everyone to go home because of this mishap."

"This is going to be hilarious!"


"Hah! It'd be best if it didn't work out!" In a corner, Fang Ya grumbled softly to herself. However, this time she had learned her lesson and she dared not speak loudly.

Ning Xueluo pretended to be calm on the outside, when inwardly she was very tense. Naturally, she hoped that everything would not work out in the end too.



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