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(Battle Of The Century)

Cai Fengxian let out a long sigh, he recalled the old times, "It has indeed been a long time, our last meeting was 10 years ago at Country F!"

"Yes, that's right."

"At our age, I’m afraid that we might not have another 10 years. Since it’s a rare occasion that you come to China, do you want to pick up where we left off 10 years ago in the battle which ended in a tie?" Cai Fengxian’s eyes shined.

"Of course!" Danial agreed instantly.

The hotel owner was very excited when he heard their conversation.

At first, he was planning to boost the hotel’s popularity using Su Yan’s proposal to Ning Xueluo, and the development of the events that night was way unexpected, benefiting him.

A proposal gimmick would be no comparison to "The Battle of the Century between the Masters of Western and Chinese Cuisines at the Royal Jazz Hotel".

What a great deal!

He would really like to thank Ms. Ning Xi in person. Although she was quiet, she was not stingy at all!

Suddenly, a big crowd of journalists came rushing in, trying to get into the banquet hall.

The hotel’s security team and the waiters helped to block them, "Where are all of you from? This is a private banquet, you can’t enter without invitation!"

"I’m XX food channel’s reporter!"

"I’m a photographer from XX newspaper!"

"I’m an editor from XX magazine!"

"I heard that both Mr. Danial and Elder Cai are here tonight and I purposely made my way here! Let us in!"

The journalists begged tirelessly.

The security team and waiters were troubled, "Well, we can’t! It’s our rule!"

"Rules are set by people, be more lenient!"

"Yeah! We’re all experienced journalists, not just your random news reporter! You could go on and ask your manager, he would definitely agree!"

"This...uh, please wait for a while, I’ll go ask."

The number of journalists was extraordinary and even with the additional security, they could not fend off the journalists’ passion.

One of the waiters went to quickly consult the manager.

"This is good publicity for the hotel! But the two masters tonight are too important, we simply can’t decide!"

The manager was not able to make a decision, he then proceeded to talk to the owner.

"There are a lot of journalists outside now wanting to come in. Boss, what do you think?"

The hotel owner was delighted but he could not make this decision himself as well, so he then went to look for the organizers from the crew.

Knowing the owner’s intention, Wang Tai and Guo Qisheng had a short discussion with the team. They all thought that it would be a good opportunity to promote their movie, so they agreed on the spot.

And now, what was left were the opinions of the two involved party.

The hotel owner rubbed his hands and walked towards the two masters, explaining the situation to them, and he asked nervously, "These journalists are here for the both of you. I was wondering if you’d welcome their attendance here."

Danial and Cai Fengxian looked at each other, then looked at Ning Xi together.

Danial spoke first, "I’m here for the beautiful Ms. Ning Xi and her honorable guests. If they are her guests, then I have no objections!"

Which meant that unless the journalists were invited by Ning Xi as her guests, Danial would reject their presence.

"This…" The hotel owner looked troubled, he then looked at Cai Fengxian, "Elder Cai, what about you?"



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