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(Who’s The One Getting Her Out Of The Pinch?)

"Eh, doesn't your newspaper has a food column? Quickly summon your food journalists here! What a fabulous chance for a scoop!"

"I’ll call him right away! The editor of the food column is a die hard fan of Elder Cai. Even the wallpaper and screensaver on his computer are pictures of food prepared by Elder Cai! I told him that William Fee would be here tonight and invited him to come, but he didn’t care at all. Had he known that Elder Cai would be here, he’d have regretted it big time, haha…"

In the corner, Xiao Tao was so excited that she almost broke Ning Xi’s arm, tugging on it, "Ahhh! Elder Cai, Elder Cai! It’s really Elder Cai! Sis Xi, you’re the best! You're like Doraemon! You can just summon whoever you want! When did you make the phone call? How did I not know anything?"

Ning Xi herself was speechless beyond words.

She had not touched her phone at all, and what in the world was a Doraemon?

When Cai Fengxian appeared, she was just as surprised as everyone else in the room. She thought that she was hallucinating…

What she knew now was that he was definitely not invited by YS. Aside from the fact that he might or might not have been able to invite him, that guy was only interested in teasing her and would not have done something like this to get her out of a pinch…

Then, who was the one helping her out?

No way…

Ning Xi’s heart raced a little as the image of a certain man’s cool face appeared in her mind.

The one who could have invited Mr. Cai Fengxian might have been him…

Seeing the two famous faces at the door, the hotel owner quickly went up and welcomed them warmly, "Elder Cai, why didn’t you let me know when you were coming? I could have sent someone to get you! This...this is terribly inhospitable of us!"

Cai Fengxian waved his hands casually, "There’s no need for the trouble."

Cai Cheng explained, "Father had a request from someone so he came here on short notice."

"I see…" The hotel owner looked at Ning Xi.

As everyone heard, most people thought that it was Ning Xi who gave the orders to invite him over, or else there would not have been such a coincidence.

"Hmph, so what? We have Mr. He Xin! Mr. He Xin is the top one chef here, alright?" Fang Ya said in a very disrespectful tone.

"Right, Mr. He Xin is the founder of the best eatery, Green Lotus!"

The few crew members went along to agree with her.

Some food bloggers and food journalists looked at them with disdain as if they were looking at idiots. They were already doubting how silly those people were but this further confirmed that Fang Ya and the few other actresses were real idiots, morons from their head to their toes. They did not know anything but acted so ignorantly, what an embarrassment!

"Master Cai…" He Xin went up to Cai Fengxian and greeted him respectfully.

"Mmm, we meet again!" Elder Cai nodded.

"I didn’t expect that Master Cai would be here, I was a little reluctant to come here initially but now I think I’ve come to the right place. If Master Cai has some time, I’d hope that I can learn something from you," He Xin smiled.

Fang Ya and the crew members were shocked to see He Xin’s attitude towards Elder Cai, and they were rendered speechless.


On the other side, Danial walked towards Cai Fengxian from the VIP area.

Both of them looked at each other for some time.

Danial broke out into a wide grin, "Old pal, long time no see!"



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