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(Ning Xi Is Way Too Sturdy!)

Suddenly, everyone looked at the young man in shock, especially Fang Ya who was just mocking Ning Xi a second ago. Her expression looked as if she just saw a ghost, "That...that man…"

"That old man looks really familiar...oh! He looks like Cai Fengxian! Am I dreaming?" someone said, rubbing their eyes.

"What nonsense are you spouting? Are you mistaken?"

"No! It’s Elder Cai! He’s Mr. Cai Fengxian! I've seen him on TV before!" someone yelled in surprise.

"I’ve seen the young man beside him on TV before as well. Isn’t he Elder Cai’s eldest son, Cai Cheng? If you don’t believe me, I’ll search online now!"

A local channel produced a popular food show which created a big wave of food lovers. The last episode was specifically dedicated to Mr. Cai Fengxian, and it left a deep impression on many people.

Aside from the professional food journalists, a lot of people knew about Cai Fengxian as well, including Fang Ya and her bunch of groupies.

A young man was practically bouncing with excitement as he walked towards him, "Elder Cai! you still remember me? Eight years ago, there was a small restaurant in Qing Cheng. You’ve personally mentored me before!"

The elder thought for a little while, "Is it Lai Fu restaurant? You’re little Lai Fu?"

The young man’s eyes turned red with tears, "You’re right! It’s Lai Fu restaurant! I can’t believe that you still remember me! If it wasn’t for your guidance, I wouldn’t have been determined enough to leave my hometown and go on to study! And I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have today!"

At this point someone recognized this young man, "Ah, I remembered this man. He has quite famous himself. Isn’t he an executive chef from a high-class hotel in Imperial? I heard that he worked his way out from a small village...I didn’t expect him to be acquainted with Elder Cai…"

After hearing his story, everyone’s respect for Elder Cai grew, "Elder Cai has students everywhere!"

"That's how powerful his aura is!"

After the praises died down, everyone was confused about why Elder Cai was there…

"Elder Cai, why...why are you here?" the young man asked excitedly.

"Father is here to celebrate with Ms. Ning Xi," Elder Cai’s son, Cai Cheng replied.

Everyone went dead silent after hearing what Cai Cheng said.

The first reaction people had was to look at Ning Xi, shocked.

Fang Ya and a few crew members were confused, including Su Yan, whereas the smile on Ning Xueluo's face froze.

"Heck, this Ning Xi! She’s the best! First was Alain, then the father of Western cooking Master Danial, and now even China’s grand master of the culinary industry, Cai Fengxian. I’m impressed!"

"Hahaha, did you see Fang Ya and Ning Xueluo’s expressions? A second ago, Fang Ya was still mocking her and barking arrogantly, and then in the next moment, Mr. Cai is here. This is too funny!"

"Ning Xi is way too sturdy!"

"What’s wrong with acting all high and mighty? She's got it so she's just flaunting it! And she’s really going all out! Any of these three masters is enough to make William Fee look like a regular guy off the streets. Not even Mr. He Xin can do much now!"

"I’m really happy! This banquet tonight will really boost my headlines for the next few months!"



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