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(True Epitome Of Perfection)

Danial deliberated. He had just finished serving his main course, and he didn't have any reason to take up the spot of head chef and so he nodded, "Okay, my work here is done, I'll pass the spot to you then."

Danial then led his team to the VIP area and let He Xin take over.

When the crowd saw that Danial had given his spot away, they were in an uproar and thought that Danial was surrendering defeat.

"Mr. Danial, is it okay for us to just give the spot away? He Xin's culinary skills are not up to your level. No matter from what aspect, Mr. Danial you are still the best!" Alain Passa frowned.

"We have already prepared and served the main course, so there really is no reason to hog the spot," Danial replied nonchalantly.

Since Danial had already put it that way, Alain naturally did not say anything more. It was true that when one had reached Danial's level of mastery, one would not care too much for the petty things.


Within half an hour, He Xin had already prepared several unique Chinese dishes.

The fragrance of the food instantly wafted throughout the hotel's every corner, causing everyone to salivate.

"Miss Xueluo, my best wishes for you and Su Yan are all conveyed through this dish," He Xin said to Su Yan and Ning Xueluo in front of him.

"Thank you, Uncle He Xin!" Ning Xueluo was full of smiles, and so was Su Yan.

Because of He Xin's presence, all the previous awkwardness had vanished. "The person who should feel awkward now is Ning Xi," thought Ning Xueluo.

"How lucky! Even Mr. He Xin's personally congratulated Su Yan and Ning Xueluo on their engagement. He's our top chef in Chinese cuisine. Unlike some people who took the trouble to invite foreign chefs, at last, he was taken over by our Mr. He Xin!" Fang Ya intentionally looked at Ning Xueluo and grinned evilly.

"That's enough, stop spurting nonsense!" Ning Xueluo said to stop her.

"I'm not spurting nonsense, facts are facts. It's such a joke for Ning Xi's admirer to fight with your Bro Su Yan! I wonder where he got his confidence from!" Fang Ya regained her arrogance and stared at Ning Xi, sneering.

"Exactly, he could only invite a foreign chef. If he had the capabilities, I would like to see him invite a top Chinese chef over!"

"Pfft, how dare he compete with Su Yan, that's blind confidence!"

Fang Ya and several drama team actors started to ramble on again.

From afar, Ning Xi smiled and shook her head. These people were quite interesting. She even had a feeling that if she replied them, she would instantly become an idiot like them too.

"Mr. Danial is a foreign chef after all, so there's no way he can be compared to Mr. He Xin on Chinese grounds!"

"Exactly so!"

"Even though Mr. Danial's Western dishes are the world's best, we still like to eat our own Chinese delicacies!"

"If you like to eat Chinese food, that's your own choice of taste. I like to eat Western food, and I feel that Mr. Danial's dishes are the epitome of perfection. No one else can compare!"

"Ha! That's too funny! The epitome of perfection just like that? Do you even know what is the true epitome of perfection..."


As everyone started to debate boisterously, the sound of a door opened.

The banquet's entrance door was pushed open from the outside.

Under the sparkling chandelier, a young man held an older man by the arm and stood at the door. The old man was clad in coarse linen and had a head of white hair. He had a hale and hearty energy to him, with an aura of immortality.

The guests were fighting, some were sneering at Ning Xi, and some were just looking on. The first to notice the old man was a young man. He was about to join in a fight when he suddenly looked at the door speechlessly, "Cai...old man Cai..."



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