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( Let Me and Bro Yan Invite)

"Ning Xi is pitiful enough. It was hard enough to steal Ning Xueluo's limelight and now this incident has to happen..." someone mumbled softly.

Fang Ya casually continued, "Who's to blame for that? Who told her to act as if she was so amazing?

Su Yan was so romantically proposing here to Xueluo and she wouldn't let them be. She had to butt in to seek attention! Why doesn't she continue seeking it now? We're all waiting!"

"What now, Ning Xi? Say something, are you inviting him or not?" Fang Ya became even more arrogant when she saw that Ning Xi kept quiet.

At this moment, Ning Xueluo who was on the main table suddenly said, "Never mind."

Everyone's eyes then fell onto her.

"Since everyone wants to try Mr. He Xin's creations so badly, let me and Bro Yan invite him. Everyone can stop making things hard for Ning Xi now," Ning Xueluo said softly.

When they heard this, the crowd suddenly understood what Ning Xueluo was trying to imply. The fact that Ning Xi's admirer could invite Danial for her was probably the best he could do in his limitations, so now to invite He Xin too would be out of his capabilities. The crowd highly doubted that Ning Xi's admirer had the connections and power to do so.

"Hold on! Xueluo, are you trying to say that you and Su Yan will be inviting He Xin?!"

Suddenly, one of the gourmet journalists broke the tension and exclaimed.

"Yes, I believe everyone will be able to meet Mr. He Xin shortly," Ning Xueluo replied with confidence, all her previous unhappiness vanished.

"My God, Xueluo, could you really invite Mr. He Xin? Am I dreaming?!" Fang Ya intentionally exaggerated her expressions and pretended to do a happy jig.

"Mmm, don't rush. Tonight is not only the launching banquet but Bro Yan's and my engagement day as well, so Bro Yan and I will definitely try our best to satisfy everyone's request!" Ning Xueluo said elegantly.

The crowd started to turn rowdy. Everyone was exceptionally emotional and excited. Since Ning Xueluo had said so, then Mr. He Xin should definitely be making his way over!

Not only did they get to try Mr. Danial's top quality Western dishes tonight, they would also be able to witness Mr. He Xin in the flesh shortly. This was definitely no ordinary day. In fact, it was a dream come true!

Then, the hotel entrance opened and from the outside, the guests could hear the exclamations of many reporters. Amidst this noise, a middle-aged man clad in a traditional Chinese outfit slowly made his way in.

"He Xin, He Xin! It's Mr. He Xin!"

"It really is Mr. He Xin!"

"Su Yan and Xueluo really invited Mr. He Xin over!"

In that moment, a handful of food show hosts were clearly emotional and starstruck at the sight of He Xin.

"Uncle He Xin! Thank you for being able to make it!" Su Yan led Ning Xueluo to greet him with a respectful manner.

"Mmm," He Xin nodded at Ning Xueluo and Su Yan. He had already heard about the dinner from Su

Yan's father.

"Firstly, congratulations to the both of you. I don't have much, let's begin!" He Xin said this to Su Yan then made his way to Danial.

"Mr. Danial, nice to meet you. Who'd know we would meet here?" He Xin said with a smile.

"Oh, Mr. He Xin, I've heard of you for a long time now. You are the master of Chinese culinary. It's an honor to be able to meet you today," Mr. Danial courteously replied.

He Xin may not be able to be compared to Danial in terms of culinary skills, but He Xin was not only limited to the kitchen. He had been invited by top governmental figures all over the world and had received many compliments. In terms of status, he definitely could hold a candle to Danial.

"I wonder if you could lend me your spot for a while?" He Xin asked with a smile.



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