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(Carrots and Cabbages, To Each Their Own)

Slowly more and more people started to voice their opinions on who supported Chinese or Western cuisine. It was not just the experts, but even the non-experts were starting to express their patriotism, so increasingly more people started to join in the debate. Alas, the hall ended up being incredibly noisy beyond comparison...

The most awkward person present was William Fee because he was of mixed parentage from both countries, so he did not even know who to side.

As she watched both sides of the argument quarrel, Ning Xueluo who had looked unhappy all along shot Fang Ya an urgent look when she felt the time was right.

Fang Ya received Ning Xueluo's hint and immediately knew what she meant, so she stood up and said, "To know who's more capable, wouldn't it be easier if they competed live? If Ning Xi was so amazing enough to invite Mr. Danial, I'm sure inviting the famous chef He Xin would be an easy feat for her."

"Exactly! Let Ning Xi invite him! This would be perfect!"

"Then you guys can stop arguing since a live show is better evidence than just debating!"


Suddenly, all eyes fell on Ning Xi.

Ning Xi remained unbothered and did not give any response.

Of course, when she saw that Ning Xi did not react at all, Fang Ya would not let her go that easily. She continued to ask, "Ning Xi, what's wrong? You invited this chef, and now everyone is making a hullabaloo over who you invited. How can you just look on indifferently?"

"Exactly, a nice banquet has turned into such a big mess, causing everyone to be so unhappy!"

"Since Ning Xi has so many admirers, she could just make a call and someone would do something, isn't that right?"


Xiao Tao pulled on the hem of Ning Xi's shirt weakly and said, "Sis Xi, do you think you could ask your admirer to invite Mr. He Xin?"

When she heard this, Ning Xi looked at Xiao Tao and stuffed her mouth with a peach. She said calmly, "Xiao Tao, carrots and cabbages, to each their own. Just because some people prefer carrots, does that mean cabbages are garbage? If they prefer to eat something else, then let them invite him. We can just enjoy our meal!"

"Oh..." Xiao Tao answered slightly confused. Even though she did not entirely understand what Ning Xi meant, she still nodded. She then thought about how she had asked for too much. He Xin was someone highly influential in the world of Chinese cookery, only second to old chef Cai Fengxian. How could anyone just casually invite someone like that?

They did not even know how Mr. Danial was invited, and now they wanted her to invite He Xin...this was just unrealistic.

"Okay, I was just asking. Actually, I think it's a little too impossible as well...these people are too much. Thanks to you, they managed to taste so much good food. Now, not only are they not thankful, they have even turned the tables and tried to make things hard for you instead!" Xiao Tao was really angry, and after her rant, she mumbled, "You know, it's quite impossible to invite Mr. He Xin. It's just Fang Ya and the gang making unnecessary trouble to take away your spotlight..."


"What now, Ning Xi? Since your admirer is so capable, get him to invite Mr. He Xin over so we can experience an eye-opener!"

When they heard Fang Ya's suggestion, many echoed her, while others still thought it was impossible.

"Stop joking, it's hard enough to invite Danial, now you want to invite He Xin too?"

"In fact, you want to invite someone over immediately without any bookings in advance? In your dreams! Do you this is like renting a car? Ning Xi's admirer might come from some extraordinary background, but there's no way it would be this exaggerated!"



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