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(Who's The Main Highlight?!)

"The last time I saw Ning Xi's closet, I had a gut feel that Ning Xi doesn't come from such a simple background."

"Her admirers are really increasingly better than the ones before!"

"Funny that Fang Ya kept saying Ning Xi was jealous of Ning Xueluo. What's there to be jealous about?"

"Exactly, she's now single with lots of admirers, and they're all of such good quality. She's even better than Ning Xueluo, isn't she?"


At the main table, Mr. Danial was still waiting for Ning Xi, "Miss Ning Xi, please do comment."

Ning Xi took a bite as everyone looked on, then politely answered, "This ice cream is the most delicious and most unexpected dessert I've ever eaten in my lifetime. Thank you for coming all the way here!"

"Thank you for your comment, it is my honor." Daniel moved away from the table and started to prepare the main course.

Everyone around her started to buzz with discussion but Ning Xi did not listen to too much of it. To people who were less than important, she never did give too much unnecessary attention.

When she accepted the old chef's kind offering, Ning Xi returned to her seat.

She held her chin in her palm and looked amusedly at Xiao Tao who was entirely flabbergasted. She teased, "Little Xiao Tao, do you want to try some ice cream?"

"Try?" Xiao Tao immediately returned to her senses and exclaimed in an oddly determined way, "Of course I want to try!"

Xiao Tao looked at the ice cream Ning Xi had brought back emotionally, then stared at Ning Xi, "Sis Xi, these...these two masters, have they really come for you? And it's not who Su Yan invited them?"

Ning Xi said helplessly, "Yes, yes, it was not Su Yan's doing. Now can you please cheer up, and eat something? You've already been crying the whole night!"

Xiao Tao wanted to laugh and cry at the same time, her expression torn. "Sis Xi, why didn't you say anything earlier? I was so sad! There were so many delicious dishes that I didn't even get to eat! I must quickly eat more now! No, I still won't eat what William Fee prepared. I'll wait to eat the more delicious dishes!"

Once she said that, she swallowed her saliva as she stared hungrily at the ice cream. "But, can I really eat this ice cream? They all said it's really expensive!"

Ning Xi immediately picked up that exclusively made dessert with a spoon made of pure gold, dug a spoonful of ice cream and fed Xiao Tao.

Xiao Tao greedily inhaled in the sweet smell and took a bite, "Mmm yummy! Really, really yummy! How can such a delicious ice cream exist?!"

Ning Xi looked at Xiao Tao's chubby little face with a gentle expression, then suddenly thought of something that caused a cold flash in her eyes.

That bastard...he definitely did this on purpose...

First, he tried to create suspense and made her worry for nothing. Then, when she was most nervous, he suddenly gave her a taste of something sweet. He drove her mood up and down as if she was on his rollercoaster ride...

Damn it! Was it that fun to fool around with her like this?


Not too far away, Ning Xueluo heard Ning Xi and Xiao Tao's conversation and felt even angrier and unhappy.

Suddenly, Su Yan's romantic proposal had become one big joke!

Who was the real highlight of this launching banquet?!

Very quickly, Chef Danial's first appetizer was completed.

Coincidentally, he chose the exact same dish as William Fee: scallop served with white truffles.

The crowd looked at each other, then started to focus on enjoying the food.

Shortly after, everyone's faces revealed a look of intrigue...



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