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(Actually Quite Cute)

Everyone was in shock and many were still in disbelief.

"No way! There must be some kind of misunderstanding. How could it possibly be for Ning Xi? Who is she to be able to invite such a legendary person?"

"Exactly! You only need to have lots of money to get William Fee but to have these two influential figures here, you definitely need more than just your wealth!"

"Ning Xi is just a C-list actress. How can she be capable of inviting legends like these?"


It was at this moment that someone from the crowd weakly reminded everyone, "Uh, are you guys forgetting something? Didn't Fang Ya show us a love letter earlier that said a surprise would be prepared for Ning Xi? Could this...could this be it?"

When they heard this, everyone was dumbfounded.

" way!"

"Isn't he just some poor pleb?"

"Who said that he was a poor pleb? We're the ones who were assuming all the while."

"Think about what the love letter said: the most honorable, most tempting, most irresistible gift! The world's most top quality gourmet dishes! This is it!"

Once it was put that way, the crowd started to ooh and aah as realization dawned on them, "Now that you said, it really seems so! Now all of this makes sense..."

"Oh, now that I think about it, that love letter is actually quite cute!"

"Yeah, it was written pretty well. I don't know why so many people thought it was weird!"


Everyone started to look at one another.

" that case, the other two big shots who came later were actually Ning Xi's admirer's surprise for her, and not Su Yan's invitation for Ning Xueluo?"

"Hah, this misunderstanding is a little over the top! We all thought it was Su Yan's doing!"

"Hahaha...just now Ning Xueluo was so overjoyed that she kept offering her body to repay Su Yan and even to give birth to quite a number of babies. She even invited Ning Xi to sit beside her to watch from a close distance. At last, it was actually a big misunderstanding?"

"My God! This is so awkward..."


When the old chef uttered those words, Ning Xueluo had been sitting stiffly on her chair. Her fingernails stabbed into her palms as she dug them in, and almost thought she had just imagined what she had heard.

It was only until she heard the sneers and insults that she realised she had to accept this reality. She stiffly turned to Su Yan and said, "Yan, did you really not invite those two people?"

At this point, Su Yan's face was extraordinarily distorted as he said in an unfriendly tone, "Xueluo, I already said earlier, it really wasn't me! You lot just didn't believe me!"

Ning Xueluo immediately shot a look at Fang Ya on the other side. She was the one who misled her and created all this trouble!

Fang Ya quickly hid in the crowd. Earlier, she had talked nonstop but now she dared not say another word.

Pfft, why was it her fault again?

How would she have known that this would happen?

"Just now when your Su Yan was being praised, weren't you quite happy? He did not respond, but now it's my fault? This ass of yours is a little too hard to kiss, aye?" she thought to herself.

Instantly, everyone's eyes swivelled from Ning Xueluo to Ning Xi in the corner, and they saw that Ning Xi's expression had barely changed.

Despite the shocking incident that had just happened, Ning Xi's expression remained nonchalant, from the start till the end. No matter whether she was being sneered at, ridiculed, or even when the old chef finally spoke up, she remained the same.

She was completely calm and it even seemed like she was deep in thought.



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