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(Exclusive Dessert)

Very quickly, with Danial as the head chef and Alain as his sous chef, the first dessert was prepared.

"For the beautiful and honorable Miss Ning, this dessert's Chinese name is called the Luxurious Chocolate Sundae. Please have a taste!" After the announcement, Danial actually personally held the dessert and walked towards the main table.

All the gourmet journalists were star struck. Not only did Danial personally create the dessert, he was even serving it himself. What an honor indeed!

"I can't believe he's serving that dessert!"

"My God, this is crazy! That sundae has close to 30 different types of cocoa in it, including 14 of the world's most expensive and most delicious cocoa. Plus, there are edible gold leaves adorning the top of the sundae! How could anyone possibly eat this? It'd practically be ingesting money!"


Some of the journalists had only heard of it before, and tonight was their first time seeing it with their own eyes. Furthermore, it was a creation directly from Danial's hands, so you can imagine just how emotional they were.

Girls usually love such exquisite dishes, so naturally, Ning Xueluo was attracted to the decadent dessert in Danial's hands. She watched as Danial elegantly walked towards her, her heart beating faster as she constantly looked at Ning Xi beside her and smiled smugly.

"Thank you," Su Yan politely nodded as he held out his hand to receive the dessert from Danial.

To everyone's astonishment, Danial had other intentions in mind. He had a straight face as he said, "Mister, I'm very sorry, but this is an exclusively made dessert. It's not for you."


As she watched Su Yan's awkward reaction, Ning Xueluo laughed lightly and pulled on Su Yan's arm. "Yan, it's okay, just let Mr. Danial hand it to me himself. Don't try to join in the fun now!"

Su Yan smiled helplessly and stepped aside. He thought that this top chef was a little weird, but he followed along.

When Danial walked to the front of Ning Xueluo, she immediately gave him her sweetest smile and said, "Oh, Mr. Danial, thank you."

Ning Xueluo held out her hand and was about to take the plate with the ice cream that looked incredibly decadent and delicious.

However, Mr. Danial did something everyone did not expect.

They saw Mr. Danial's confusion as he frowned at Ning Xueluo, "Miss, this dessert in my hands was not prepared for you."

"It's not prepared for me?!" Ning Xueluo exclaimed in shock, "Then, who is it for? Didn't you say earlier that it was for...Miss Ning?"

"I'm sorry, but the Miss Ning I'm referring to is Ning Xi. Miss Ning!" Danial's tone was firm and he moved on from Ning Xueluo. With everyone looking on in shock, he walked over to Ning Xi, "The beautiful and honorable Miss Ning, please have a taste!"

He probably did not mean any biasness when he addressed Ning Xi, but the terms of "beautiful" and "honorable" were especially etched into everyone's minds, as if he was trying to imply that only Ning Xi was fit to be described this way.

At this moment, not only Ning Xueluo, but even Su Yan, Fang Ya and everyone else was completely dumbfounded.

The chef's statement had the entire venue in pin-drop silence.

Finally after forever, someone from the crowd broke the silence.

"You're...you're lying, aren't you? Isn't Miss Ning, Ning Xueluo, and not Ning Xi?"

"No way! How could this happen? It must be a prank to intentionally embarrass Ning Xi, to let her feel surprised and excited for a while?"

"Stop cracking jokes now. Did you really think a prank would be pulled with someone this influential?"

"It really is Ning Xi! How could it be that the Masters of Culinary, Alain and Danial are both here for Ning Xi?!"



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