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(Don’t Let Anything Go Wrong)

"Danial Joseph…" another food blogger gasped, "His existence is akin to a textbook for every practitioner, the bible for all food lovers, the eternal classic culinary god, and country F’s treasured master!"

While the food journalist sighed, he seemed extremely excited as well, "Everyone, please cherish the dinner; this is a once in a lifetime experience!"

Fang Ya blinked, "I don’t really get it, so are you saying that this man is famous?"

Some people expressed their ignorance as well, "I don't really get what you are going on about that man but his skills sound out of this world. Anyhow, I’m going to eat as much of this once-in-a-lifetime dinner as possible!"

"It's a good thing I didn’t eat anything today and saved my stomach for this dinner!"

Fang Ya smiled and went to Ning Xueluo, cooing, "Xueluo, your Su Yan must have thrown in a lot of money into this. It might not even be enough for you to just give yourself to him. Quickly get married and make him a baby!"

"Hahaha...she’s right! That makes sense! You have to make a few babies!"

Ning Xueluo was embarrassed, "Hey, you guys stop it!"

"Okay, that’s enough already!" Su Yan looked at his girl lovingly, and at this point, he thought that the hotel invited these two masters in order to get on the Su family’s good side, so he just smiled and quietly received the praises from the crowd.

"Oh, someone's being protective!"

"This is giving me goosebumps! I can’t watch anymore!"

Fang Ya was knocking her plate, while slyly looking at Ning Xi’s direction, "Someone is trying to act calm, but I guess she's going to explode from all the jealousy? I thought she loves to compete against our Xueluo? Come on now!"

"Well, you can’t blame her, Su Yan really outdid himself this time. The top masters from three generations, each of them a legend of their time, and he gathered them all here at once!"

"That’s the Su family for you! What an outstanding background!"

"Ning Xi acted well, but her assistant is still too young. Did you see her almost cry?"

When she heard people talking about her, Xiao Tao held in her tears and tried not to embarrass herself anymore, "Sis Xi, I’m sorry…"

Ning Xi hugged her, "It’s alright, you’ve apologized countless times already, and even if anyone were to apologize, it should be me. I’ve let you down, I’m not strong enough to protect you from being blamed by these vultures!"

Xiao Tao started sobbing as she could not hold it in anymore, and she cried in Ning Xi’s arms.

While she was not really satisfied with the change in actresses from Leng Manyu to Ning Xi, she actually really liked Ning Xi.

While Leng Manyu was very upper class, she had a very proud character and was not all that easy to interact with. On the other hand, Ning Xi was very easy going, and she would try to make you happy. Even at times like these, she was comforting Xiao Tao when the roles should have been reversed…

Luckily, Mr. Danial started to cook, so everyone’s attention was on him and no one noticed Ning Xi and Xiao Tao in the corner.

Actually, what had happened tonight was one of the best scenarios Ning Xi could have imagined. Even though she received some supercilious looks, it was not that much of an issue.

Still, she felt uneasy. With that person’s evil character, he would not just sit back and do nothing since he mentioned a "surprise".

It seemed that it would not be easy to get through the night peacefully…

Oh, Oscar, please grant your blessings and don’t let anything go wrong…

If that bastard ruined her career, she would definitely not leave him in peace...




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