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(My Thigh Is Bruised From Pinching)

Everyone was dumbfounded.

"What...what is happening?"

"I don’t know! Seems like someone else is coming!"

"It seems like Alain Passa is just the sous chef. The actual head chef isn’t here yet!"

A food journalist almost hyperventilated, "Oh my god! This is crazy! At his level, Alain Passa’s just a sous chef? Who is this head chef?"

Another food blogger made a praying gesture, "I’m already grateful enough to have the opportunity to see one master in my lifetime, maybe, maybe...I’d be honored enough to see the legendary one…"

"Who is it?" someone asked.

"For Alain to only be the sous chef, who else could it be?" the food blogger raised an eyebrow mysteriously.

All the other food journalists and bloggers thought of the only one person that fit the criteria simultaneously, although it was unbelievable. The hall started to splutter in disbelief, "This...this is impossible…"

"I don’t think it’s possible!"

"There's no way that anyone can invite that person! Or else I’ll swallow this wine glass!"

"And I’ll swallow this spoon!"

Time passed slowly and five minutes went by.

With everyone’s expectations in limbo, the banquet hall’s door opened once again.

The first person to walk in was an elderly foreigner in a neat uniform, followed by a team that was obviously well-disciplined. The old man led them in slowly and calmly.

The hotel owner saw the old man and went up to him, stretching his hands out excitedly, "Mr. Danial, you’re finally here! We’ve prepared everything already! It's all just waiting for you!"

The man nodded, politely shook hands with the owner, then walked to the position of head chef.

Alain who was at the sous chef position took a stiff 90-degree bow, then personally tied an apron on Mr. Danial, and prepared some lemon water for him to clean his hands.

When William who was sulking at the corner saw the older man, his eyes almost fell out and he started stammering, "M...master is it I dreaming…?"

He pinched himself and winced at the pain.

Master Danial had been his idol ever since he started his chef career; the man had a special place in William’s heart.

He would have no regrets even if he could watch his idol from afar, what more now as he could observe him at such a close distance!

His disappointment at not being able to perform dissipated into joy!

Those who had said they would swallow wine glasses and spoons were all in shock.

"Someone please pinch me! Pinch me harder! I must be dreaming right now!"

"You had better pinch yourself! I’ve been pinching myself since just now! My thigh is bruised from the pinching! It’s not a dream!"

"Who’s this old man now?" Fang Ya asked curiously.

Some crew members who were confused echoed, "Yeah, who’s this? Someone better than William’s master?"

One of the experienced food journalists stared at the older man’s every move and explained in a respectful tone, "If William represents the top among the younger generations of food practitioners, then his master Alain Passa is the pillar of the industry, representing the highest standard in the culinary field…"

"What about Danial then?" Someone asked.

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