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(A Grand Proposal)

Before the banquet began, the producer, director, and main casts went up the stage to give their speeches.

After everyone’s turn, the emcee came back up on stage, "Today, we have a gentleman, who’s going to borrow the stage and say a few words, let’s welcome him!"

Everyone cheered loudly as they realized it was time for Su Yan’s proposal. All the media partners were ready with their equipment, and everyone took videos with their phones enthusiastically.

Ning Xi sat on the left wing closest to the stage. Seated amongst the crowd, Ning Xueluo excitedly looked at the man who was slowly walking up on stage and then sneered at Ning Xi’s direction.

Su Yan wore a white suit tonight, which matched Ning Xueluo’s white mermaid-cut dress. They fit each other like two peas in the same pod.

Su Yan picked up the mic looking a bit bashful and said, "Sorry, I’m a little nervous. Allow me to alm myself down."

The crowd chuckled lightly and waited in anticipation.

After a few seconds, Su Yan looked at Ning Xueluo with an affectionate gaze, and he slowly started in a gentle tone, "Xueluo, it was five years ago that I first saw you in your garden. You looked like an angel in your white dress, and it was at that moment that I fell in love with you. The next time we met, you wore a blue school uniform, and you called me Bro Yan. It was at that moment that I made a lifelong promise to you. These five years, from meeting to knowing each other, we’ve shared laughter together, we’ve even shed tears together, we’ve been through happiness and also through setbacks. But thankfully, after all this, we’re still together…"

Most of the girls could hardly stand such a heartfelt situation, and there was barely a dry eye in the room. Even Xiao Tao who did not like Ning Xueluo felt touched after hearing what Su Yan said.

It was then that she realized Ning Xi had an odd look on her face…

"Sis…Sis Xi…what happened? Are you alright? You don’t look good...are you feeling ill?"

Ning Xi frowned, "It’s alright."

Hah, fell in love at first sight...lifelong promise, indeed!

When Su Yan had just known Ning Xueluo, he had not even broken up with Ning Xi, but he had fallen in love with another woman and even given her his promise…

Tears and setback?

It seemed like she was their tears and setback, the obstacle on their path towards true love…

On stage, Su Yan held a diamond ring, knelt down on one knee, "Xueluo, will you marry me? Let me take care of you forever!"

"Say yes to him!"

"Just say yes!"

"Xueluo, come on!"

The crowd was helping Su Yan to get a favorable reply from Ning Xueluo.

Ning Xueluo covered her mouth as she shed tears of joy.

Everyone cleared a path for Ning Xueluo to walk slowly up on stage towards Su Yan, with Su Yan looking absolutely nervous before she said, "I do."

"Oh! Kiss already!"

"Kiss him! Kiss him!"

With the crowd cheering on, Ning Xueluo looked down victoriously at Ning Xi who was drowned out by the people.

Ning Xi, see? The man that you loved the most belongs to me now!

Ning Xi had no expression on her face, not even sadness. Ning Xueluo’s only trick was to provoke her with the things she cared about.

But what Ning Xueluo was using against her now was already worthless to her.

On the stage, the picture-perfect couple kissed each other passionately. Flash lights shined, as a lot of people were shooting the video live, fuelling it as a hot topic online…

This grand proposal would sit as the top news headline for quite some time. Soon after the proposal, the banquet began...



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