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(Iron Chef William Fee)

Night arrived and the hall was lit brightly.

The drama team's core production members, partners, and media members entered the venue.

As they explored the huge banquet hall to network, the drama team's members glowed in pride.

"My God! This is too amazing! Have you seen any other launching dinner this grand? I must take more pictures to make my friends jealous!"

"Haha, then I might as well directly start a live feed! I think it would get many views!"

"This time we've all got Xueluo to thank for!"

"Right, where's Xueluo herself? Is she here yet?"

"What's the rush? Of course, the lead character must make a grand final entrance!"

As soon as that was said, Ning Xueluo, who was dressed in a body-hugging white dress with a train, walked in gracefully while being surrounded by the media.

Fang Ya and the rest immediately went up to her. Fang Ya clung onto Ning Xueluo's arm in a friendly way and said, "Xueluo, you're finally here! You look so pretty today!"

Ning Xueluo looked at her and said radiantly, "Nah, just the usual!"

Everyone around her started to compliment her one after another, "Xueluo, your outfit today is really gorgeous! It's so elegant and your figure looks so good!"

"Ah, what do you lot know? It's not about the dress, it's the glow of love!" someone else added.

Ning Xueluo covered her face teasingly and said, "You guys are laughing at me again!"

Fang Ya intentionally picked up a spoon to pretend it was a mic and started mock interviewing, "Miss Ning Xueluo, I'd like to interview you for a little. How do you feel like, having such a perfect boyfriend?"

Ning Xueluo smiled sweetly, "Stop messing around! Everyone, eat more tonight. Su Yan has specially invited a three star Michelin chef from Hong Sing!"

The crowd instantly exclaimed, "Wow! Michelin! And three star too! My God! Your Su Yan is too generous, how much would this meal cost?"

"A Michelin star invited from Hong Sing? Could it be William Fee?"

As Ning Xueluo listened to the crowd's exclamation, she pretended to nonchalantly look towards Ning Xi's direction and casually answered, "It's him. The other day I saw him in a magazine and just casually mentioned him. Who knew? Su Yan really did manage to invite him over."

All the girls around were jealous...

"Ah! Please have pity on us single ones and stop showing off your perfect boyfriend!"

"Please, even if you had someone, you wouldn't be as loving as them!"

Ning Xueluo looked at them and said, "Alright, that's enough for now! You guys have fun, I'm going over there for a bit."

"Okay, okay, stop talking to us. Go look for your Su Yan!"


Xiao Tao who was accompanying Ning Xi in the corner was so angry that her spoon was almost bent from her incessant hands fiddling and bending it. "Damn it, damn it, damn it! They actually invited the Iron Chef William Fee! My biggest wish is to enjoy a meal cooked by him! Who knew it would happen under such circumstances! This is making me lose my appetite..."

"William Fee..." Ning Xi seemed to mumble absentmindedly.

"Yeah!" Xiao Tao said with much gusto, "If you don't know William Fee, you should know Alain Passa, right? He's the head chef at France's top Michelin restaurant! William Fee is his student and he's especially famous and very difficult to book. To enjoy such a meal, commoners like me would go bankrupt to afford it!"

Ning Xi listened and did not say anything. Of course, she knew William Fee.

Many years ago, there was a time when she loved to watch the Masterchef TV series. Her favourite chef was called William Fee, and every day after school she would drool in front of the television screen. At that time, Su Yan had teased her and said, "Just you wait for the day of our wedding banquet. I'll invite William Fee to cook for us!"

Hah, who knew it would be this painful to look back into the past...



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