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(Cursed Love Letter)

"We're done! We're finally done!" Everyone started to cheer, some were even so emotional that they could not stop their tears from flowing down their faces.

Ning Xi too was grateful beyond words. Her first drama had finally come to an end.

When she returned to her private rest room, Ning Xi slumped in exhaustion onto her dressing table without even changing out of her set clothes.

This was when Xiao Tao rushed into her room exclaiming, "Sis Xi, you're finally done shooting!"

Ning Xi waved weakly, "What's wrong now, my dear? If there's anything, could you tell me later? My brain is a little foggy right now, I can't really think..."

Xiao Tao could not wait, "It can't wait, Sis Xi! Do you know what the drama team has been saying about you behind your back?"

"What? What about me?" She only shot a scene, what could possibly have happened?

Xiao Tao anxiously said, "Fang Ya already read out that love letter in front of you. Why are you still confused?"

"Uhh...I think Fang Ya did read something, although I don't know what, in front of me earlier. What did you say that was? A love letter?" Ning Xi was surprised.

She was immersed in her character in preparation for the scene earlier. All she knew was that the group of people had been making a lot of noise in front of her, but she was clueless as to what had happened.

Xiao Tao threw her hands up in defeat. She handed the wrinkly crumpled up pink letter to her, "See for yourself!"

Ning Xi gathered her senses and scratched her head and she took the letter. She started to read it to herself, "Aah, my dearest Xi, I love how a mouse loves its how a cat loves its how a puppy loves its bone...What is this?! Haha..."

Ning Xi could not continue reading it any longer, she almost choked with laughter.

What was this crap!?

Who knew that in her lifetime, she would see such a cursed love letter?

If one's Chinese was so poor, one shouldn't try to show off!

It really was so terrible to read...

It even hurt the eyes and such horrible language was akin to committing a sin...

"What the hell is 'a present that will be the most honorable, most tempting, and most befitting of your wisdom and nobility'?"

"Honorable" was okay, but what was up with "the most tempting" part?

What nonsense was this bastard thinking of pulling?

The more Xiao Tao thought about it, the more she became worried, "Sis Xi, you don't know this, but everyone is waiting to watch you make a fool of yourself! I even heard that for tomorrow night's launch, Su Yan is preparing to give Ning Xueluo a big surprise. It's highly likely that he's going to propose!

"Your...your unknown admirer also said that he wants to prepare a big surprise for you...With the proposal in comparison, you're going to be so embarrassed! Sis Xi, for the celebration dinner tomorrow, please don't let him appear. The place will be filled with media. Or else...or else you would really be humiliated..."

"Haha..." Ning Xi laughed bitterly and sighed.

You think I want this to happen? She thought to herself. Even if I willed it not to happen, what power do I have?

Ning Xi clenched the letter in her fist and looked drearily. It seemed like she would not be able to evade him this round. Right now, she could only console herself that she would rather that asshole torture her than for him to mess with Lu Tingxiao...


In a blink of an eye, it was the day of the celebration dinner.

Ning Xi's last scene yesterday used up so much of her energy that she still had not recovered. She looked listless.

She usually went into character as quickly as she could revert to herself after shooting. However, with a situation like yesterday's, she had immersed herself entirely into the scene without any reservations. To detach herself from the character again would take quite some time.

To put it simply, the current Ning Xi was still one half of Meng Changge's soul.



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