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(Mysterious Surprise)

"A huge, shocking secret? What's the secret? Tell us quickly!"

"Yeah, stop teasing us!"

Everyone loved gossip, what more if it was a secret. Almost everyone gathered in front of Fang Ya.

Fang Ya was satisfied as everyone’s anticipation was at a peak, and she announced dramatically, "During tomorrow night’s celebration dinner, Su Yan will be proposing to Ning Xueluo!"

As she finished, everyone's jaw was gaping open…

This was some really huge news!

After a moment of stunned silence, everyone bombarded her with questions for details.

"Oh, god! Is this true? A live proposal? How romantic!"

"Fang Ya, how do you know about this?"

Fang Ya declared proudly, "Ning Xueluo is my best friend, so of course, Su Yan’s going to tell me beforehand and have me coordinate with him on the details! You had all better keep this a secret, and don’t let Xueluo know. Otherwise, the cat is out of the bag!"

"Okay, okay! We won't say anything!" Everyone nodded in resonance.

Fang Ya continued boasting, "Our celebration dinner tomorrow, the hotel accommodation, and the banquet will all be sponsored by the Su family. It’s probably going to be a big surprise!"

"Wow! I’m so envious of Ning Xueluo!"

"Oh my gosh! This has to be the biggest news of the year! Just thinking about it makes me happy! Such an excellent man, and he's putting in so much effort!"

Suddenly, someone from the group asked, "Since Ning Xi has always been competing against Ning Xueluo, isn’t she going to get really pissed off this time around?"

Fang Ya scoffed, "Haha, don’t you guys realize? Ning Xi must have already heard about Su Yan going to propose! Didn’t you see how unhappy she was today?"

Everyone thought for a while, then they suddenly realized, "No wonder, she does look like she's down today. She's in such a terrible mood!"

Someone else suddenly laughed, "Haha, I suddenly thought about this - would the freaky fan of Ning Xi's prepare a surprise at tomorrow’s celebration dinner? If it were to clash with Su Yan’s plan, wouldn’t it just make Ning Xi look bad?"

"Haha…thinking about the love letter makes me want to laugh! How can someone be so weird?"

"Who knows what he will bring!?"

Fang Ya mumbled in disdain, "She brought it upon herself, affiliating herself with just anybody! Having all the lowly people around her, one cannot blame her for being jealous of Xueluo!"

After everyone dispersed, Fang Ya felt accomplished. She then secretly texted Chang Li a message: [Sis Chang, everything is done. The rumours are spread! Even God is on our side because Ning Xi has a weird fan who’s going to prepare her a surprise!]

At the same time, at Country F, Ledoyen, a Michelin three star high class restaurant.

As the kitchen crew was busy preparing for the banquet, the executive chef suddenly received a call from Las Vegas.

Alain stopped what he was doing. He took off his apron and passed it to his sous chef, and ordered them in a serious tone, "I’m going to take off now to Country C, to be a sous chef for a dinner that was called for at the last minute. I’ll leave everything here to you guys."

The other chefs were shocked, and they looked at each other in confusion, "Right now, at this very moment? Your schedule usually needs to be booked at least half a year in advance, no matter how honorable the customer is. How come this time…"



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