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(“Wonderful” Love Letter)

People around could not help but laugh out loud at the contents of the letter.

Fang Ya read it out loud, "Ah, my dearest Xi, I love you like how the mice love its rice…like how the cat loves its fish…like how the dog loves its bone…"

Fang Ya read in a comical, exaggerative tone as more and more people surrounded her, everyone laughing together.

"Haha...this is too funny! This love letter is so old-fashioned! Did the person even graduate from primary school? Or maybe he stopped at kindergarten?"

"There are still people who write love letter nowadays? I sure am drunk! Who is this guy?"

"Is there still a need to ask? It must be some poor freaky fan!"

"Be more serious! I’m not done with reading!" Fang Ya glared at them, then continued reading.

"Now, I present you my sincerest wishes and love, for tomorrow night’s celebration dinner. I’ll bring you a present that will be the most honorable, most tempting, and most befitting of your wisdom and nobility!"

Reading up to this point, Fang Ya could not hold it in anymore, "Haha…I can’t go on anymore. This is too funny, somebody please save me! Not only does this man have no culture, he’s such a moron! He sure talks big! A present that’s 'the most honorable, and most tempting'! Is he going to send an excavator over to the dinner tomorrow? It sure fits Ning Xi’s nobility!"

Everyone laughed.

"Maybe even a tractor!"

"It might also be a truck full of cornbread."

"Stop guessing wildly, a truck full of cornbread would cost a lot, you know? Tsk, still acting big while being poor, I’ve had enough of this! People like these disgust me! How did Ning Xi get such disgusting admirers?"

"Hehe, isn’t there a saying that attract the kind of people who are similar to you?"

The place became even noisier. Ning Xi who was in the middle did not say anything at all this whole time, then she silenced everyone sharply, "Quiet."

Fang Ya kept her mouth shut, and everyone lowered their voice.

Next, Ning Xi just stood up with her script and walked through the crowd emotionlessly, straight towards Guo Qisheng’s direction.

Actually, while Fang Ya and the group were rambling on, Ning Xi had just been making random grunting noises without even knowing what they were talking about. She did not even notice the love letter as she was just trying to avoid any distraction and to focus on getting into her act.

Everyone started to gossip more right after Ning Xi left.

"Pfft! Why is this guy acting all big for?" Fang Ya tossed away the letter in disgust, thinking that Ning Xi just escaped in embarrassment. She sarcastically said, "Even she knows shame! Didn’t she act all high and mighty before? Being the prettiest girl in the entertainment industry, having the most admirers and all! Getting endless gifts like flowers and diamonds on the first day of shooting! What now? The quality of her admirers is getting lower and lower!"

"Those flowers and diamonds, must be sent by the uncultured goofball! How can they compare to a gentleman like Su Yan?"

"Speaking of which, could it be that Ning Xi has found herself some supporters just to show her some face?"

"It’s possible since Ning Xueluo was getting all the spotlight from that real handsome gentleman Su Yan at that time. Perhaps she just didn’t want to feel inferior."

Listening up to this point, Fang Ya’s eyes shone and she lowered her voice, telling everyone in a secretive tone, "Speaking of Su Yan, I’m going to tell you guys a huge, shocking secret!"



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