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(My Dear, Be Good)

"CEO Lu, it's really late now and the moon is really pretty tonight. Haha, you should go home earlier. I'll go sleep now too, haha, bye bye!"

Ning Xi blurted out her string of goodbye hastily and then disappeared within a second. She did not even know what she just said to Lu Tingxiao.

Lu Tingxiao stayed at the same spot. First, he watched the back of the girl as she bolted away, then he lifted his head and looked into the darkness...

Not until she had managed to run into her apartment and closed the door would Ning Xi's heart finally calm down. She ran so fast that she almost tripped.

After taking in several deep breaths, she took out her phone again.

[My dear, agree to him and see what happens. I challenge you. ^_^ —YS]

She did not misread the message. She recognized the evil smiley face that a certain someone liked to use when he threatened people!

What was going on? Could it be that he was nearby?

Ning Xi's hands were trembling as she walked back and forth in her apartment repeatedly. At last, she finally stopped speculating wildly and just called him.

The person on the other end of the phone seemed to tease her intentionally by not picking up immediately. Only when the phone was about to go to voicemail did he slowly answer in a lazy drawl, "Hello?"

"Where are you?!" Ning Xi cut to the chase with her question.

"Las Vegas."

"Why are you messing with me?!"

"Ha, if I was really nearby, did you think you would be able to call me right now?" the man teased in an unfriendly tone.

"Did you get someone to spy on me?"

"Pfft, don't think so lowly of me."

"I don't care how you know! I'm asking you, what is it that you want to achieve?" Ning Xi took a deep breath to calm herself down as she asked through gritted teeth.

"It's a secret."


"My dear, be good. I hope there won't be a next time for what happened tonight, understood?"


The phone went dead. Ning Xi was so angry that she slammed her fist on the bed.


After that night, Ning Xi went about every day anxiously. Her fear of having the guy suddenly appear out of nowhere tortured her mentally.

She safely endured this until the last day of shooting.

Finally, it was the final scene to be shot. Ning Xi had been tense since last night and had not stop preparing herself.

This scene was the setting before Meng Changge's death and it was the last scene of the entire drama. It was even more climactic than Sun Huanqing's death, so much so that even Ning Xi was not confident that she had what it took to deliver the scene.

This was the first time in the entire drama shoot that Ning Xi was nervous. Because she was so deeply immersed in her character for the show, Ning Xi did not notice the weird looks she got when she appeared on set.

Until Fang Ya walked right up to her and said, "Ning Xi, you're finally here. There's a letter for you! It looks like you have an admirer!"

Ning Xi was still recalling Meng Changge's life story to refine her character's emotions before death. She was in a state of extreme nervousness, so even though she was physically present, her mind was elsewhere. Even though her eyes saw Fang Ya right in front of her, she did not hear what Fang Ya had said at all.

Fang Ya held a pink colored letter in her hand, and on the corner of the letter was carved two very subtle alphabets: "YS".

Fang Ya waved the letter in front of her and then said, "Aah, Ning Xi, you're going through the script, aren't you? Since you're so busy, I'll read this for you!"




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