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(The Wife-Protecting Devil Flares Up)

In that instance, everyone in the bar suddenly became as stiff as a statue, stunned...

The man in front of them was clearly someone extraordinary, so his identity was already scary enough.

And this man was now saying that the woman they kept accusing as a prostitute was his superior, his boss? Then, who in the world could this woman be? Which big shot had they offended now?

"This is crazy. This woman...is...is his superior? His boss? Did I get it wrong?"

"How...how could this be...you're definitely lying!"

"But why would he lie to us? There's no need for that, right? Besides, this man Lu's attitude towards her was only filled with admiration, love and utmost respect. Could it be that this woman is really his boss?"

"Jesus! And just now she kept throwing money at her! She has really embarrassed herself this time..."


In reality, Carlos bar had always had hidden gems and personalities going in. Someone who dressed up less glamorously might be a big boss, so the more they thought about it, they more they felt it was possible...

Suddenly, everyone turned pale. They looked at Ning Xi as if they were looking at a ghost.

"We're toast! I kept calling her a witch earlier!"

"Oh god, me too. We've done ourselves in!"

"We've really gotten into trouble this time! We may offend just anyone, but not someone like her!"


While everyone was in shock, Ning Xi was expressionless because her thoughts were all jumbled up and there was so much she wanted to express, so she kept a straight face.

Yet, anyone could see that she was in deep thought, which frightened those present even more.

"Shall I say something...or not?" she thought to herself.

Since they offended someone like her, would they be able to leave the bar in one piece tonight?

All of a sudden, no one could tell who started first but the sound of retching filled the air...

This seemed to spark off a chain reaction and soon the entire place was gagging.

Even though Lu Tingxiao only called on Wang Ruolan and Mister Li, many others had also insulted Ning Xi earlier. Those people were nobodies compared to Wang Ruolan and Mister Li, so they felt like they had no choice but to vomit out the alcohol first.

After all, it was only throwing up! It would still be better than getting into trouble with Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao!

As she watched everyone around her regurgitate the alcohol one after another, Miss Wang turned pale. She lifted her head slowly to look at Lu Tingxiao, as if hoping for mercy.

Yet, when she looked up, all she saw was his proud eyes. Because she was too frightened, she could not help herself any longer and she puked it all out.

When he saw that everyone had thrown up, Mister Li who pretended to be headstrong, could not hold it in anymore and put his fingers into his throat to discharge the alcohol.

He would not have thought that his plan of wanting to be a hero would turn into this ugly scene.

The entire bar was filled with the unpleasant smell of guts and alcohol, and it was an ungodly sight...

Lu Tingxiao took off his coat nonchalantly and covered Ning Xi with it to prevent her from getting dirty. Then, he led her towards the door without even turning back.

At the same time, on the second floor of the bar.

Lu Jingli held a bag of melon seeds in shock.


When the devil flared up to protect his wife, he turned terrifying indeed...

Lu Jingli shook his head as he mumbled to himself, "But, bro, if you want to flare up, you should bear the consequences in mind. This is our bar and business might be affected!"

Fine, fine, this guy only has his wife in mind. To hell with the business, wasn't it?

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