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(The Devil's Grand Entrance)

The lady caressed her manicured nails as she looked at Ning Xi’s pretty little face, and talked to her in an unfriendly tone, "Now, you should kneel down and apologize to me. Promise that you’ll never be involved with other people’s men ever again. Crawl out of this bar, then I’ll forget about what happened tonight! If not, don’t even think about leaving this place!"

"You want to leave after offending our Miss Li? Not so fast!"

The lady’s bunch of thugs slowly closed in. Ning Xi glanced at those thugs and calmly cracked her finger joints…

"Hehe, Sis Lan, what has this girl done to you that has got you so angry?"

Mister Li who had been enjoying his drink at the VIP seat suddenly walked over and looked at the lady with a smile.

"Yo, Mister Li…" Seeing him, the lady’s expression softened and she said, "Weren’t you always unfavorable of poor and disgusting witches like her? Why are you helping out people like her today?"

"Sis Lan, I really like this girl, so give me some face and don’t bother her anymore," Mister Li explained like a gentleman.

"Mister Li, you're interested?" the lady said, stunned. "Fine, since you like her, there’s nothing much I can say. With the power you have, a night would get you at least 50 thousand dollars! What a lucky girl she is!"

A few girls around tittered in secret.

Mister Li was infamous for being crazy in bed. Who knew how many women had been tortured by him! Any girl would have it coming rough for themselves if they were favored by Mister Li. But if there was money involved, it probably wouldn’t matter to a woman like this.

"Miss, I’ll buy you for a night for 50 thousand dollars. Just follow me now, or else you’ll have a hard time leaving the bar after offending Sis Lan!" Mister Li acted as if he was confident of getting his way, as he swaggered towards Ning Xi like a hero and was about to hold her hand.

The next second, Ning Xi slapped away Mister Li’s hand.

"You..." Humiliated, Mister Li’s face darkened in an instant.

Without a word, Mister Li’s group of supporters and thugs joined in the fray as well. Ning Xi was now going up against two groups of people; it felt like a fight would blow up at any moment.

"What a lively night."

Among the noisy, chaotic atmosphere, an ice cold voice striked through the hearts of the people present like a frigid wind.

Suddenly everyone was looking behind Ning Xi, speechless.

Ning Xi herself was frozen as well. This voice was...

The devil…?!

As Lu Tingxiao appeared, the few ladies in front were stunned.

This man who just made his sudden appearance could barely be described with just the word "cool". His behaviour could not hide his extravagance. Just one icy look of his was enough to let someone fall for him mercilessly..

"Oh my god! Who is this man? He's so cool!"

"He’s not just handsome! It’s his aura! So charismatic! Very manly!"

"I thought Chengyun was as manly as a man can get, but in front of this man he’s nothing!"

Miss Wang just stared blankly at Lu Tingxiao, blushing. The man in front of her was like a god. He was the definition of her dream man. Just by looking at him, she suddenly felt that all the cute boys she was proud of were trash compared to him...



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