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(I Will Conquer The World For You)

Xiao Tao became very anxious as she thought that Ning Xi had suffered from the blow of the gossip and could not bring herself to be energetic. She did not have any idea what to do, so she could only follow Ling Zhizhi's orders to function as always and play by ear.

Today's main highlight would definitely be Ning Xueluo, so Ling Zhizhi's only request to Ning Xi today was only one word, "stable".

Ning Xi painted her face with makeup decently, not wanting to stand out, and she wore a champagne colored Chanel gown from the latest fall/winter collection.

The dinner was held at Imperial's only six-star hotel.

Ning Xi had reached a little early and saw that all around her were busy crew members still decorating the area. It was filled with red roses and heart-shaped balloons. It would have to take a blind person to ignore that these were clearly preparations for a marriage proposal.

Apart from that, the hotel was also filled with all sorts of gift baskets. They were from collaboration companies and fans. It was so full that there was almost nowhere to walk.

Ning Xi briefly skimmed the lavish gifts and saw that at the corner was a gift basket labeled, "Ning Xi's Global Fan Club". Her heart was warmed.

She even had a fan club now...

Even though it was not much compared to Ning Xueluo and Zhao Sizhou's gifts, she was already very happy.

However, Xiao Tao clearly felt disappointed. She thought about how few gifts Ning Xi received. How stingy of them! When the reporters see this later, they wouldn't even know what to write!

She recalled with a sigh that when she used to attend to Leng Manyun, every launch dinner of hers was filled with mountains of gifts.

Now she might even be shamed together with Ning Xi, for even someone of Ning Xueluo's status to overshadow them. Her friends were going places in this industry but only she went from being at the peak of everyone's envy to the bottom of the pit. The more she thought about it, the sadder she got...

This was when Fang Ya and the bunch started to make an entrance with lots of noise.

"Wah! The place is decorated so beautifully! This is too dreamy!"

"I wonder how much all these cost! Even just booking the entire hotel would cost an astronomical sum already! The hotel really earned it this time!"

"Come on. The latest most popular female actress and the man with the highest net worth are romantically making a pact of their love here. With such a sensational news, this hotel could use it to promote itself too. Of course, they wouldn't miss this opportunity!"


When the crowd was done with their oohing and aahing, they all giggled with their hands covering their mouths as they looked at Ning Xi's little fan-gifted gift basket.

"What's this that Ning Xi's fan gave her? Just a little gift basket?"

"Why is she standing there then? She wouldn't be looking for that pleb's surprise, would she?"

"Expecting something from that weirdo? She must have been too provoked by Xueluo..."

Fang Ya's face was full of delight as she looked at Ning Xi and she arrogantly repeated the words from the other night, "Sigh, if there was nothing to compare to, there wouldn’t be any hard feelings now!"

When she heard such a piercing insult, Xiao Tao could not tolerate it any longer and she was so angry that she cried on the spot, "These people are too mean! How can they do this?"

Ning Xi sighed and touched Xiao Tao's head. She said softly, "Xiao Tao, be good. This is only temporary. I won't let you suffer with me! One day, I will conquer the world for you!"

Xiao Tao instantly laughed through her tears, as she said with red cheeks, "Sis Xi, I hate you! You're teasing me again!"

Seeing the girl laugh, Ning Xi was finally relieved.

Actually, she was fine with being unhappy for a short while. Such a petty thing was really nothing to her. But what she could not stand most was to let the people around her suffer with her, because of her.



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