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(The Seduction Move!)

Almost immediately, downstairs, a notification popped up on Ning Xi's phone, it was Lu Tingxiao.

Ning Xi drank the cocktail that the waiter had just served as she opened the message, thinking it was just Lu Tingxiao reporting that he was safe as usual. Alas, what she saw was: [As I listen to wind and rain against my window at night, I dream of you.]

"Pfft!" Ning Xi spit out the cocktail in her mouth and felt her face burning up! Jesus Christ! This devil is so savage that I cannot see straight!

Since that day the devil had said "One day, you will realise that cabbage is yummier than carrots", she went home and thought for a long time, but she still did not understand what the devil's upcoming plans would be...

In that moment, she finally understood...

The devil was clearly ready to attack her with — the seduction move!

While Ning Xi was being hit on by Lu Tingxiao, from the corner of her eye she saw something flying across her direction. She swiftly picked up the tray on the table and blocked the attack.

In the next second, a piercing sound was heard as the bottle almost hit her on the head fell to the ground.

Without Ning Xi lifting her head to look for the culprit, they came up to her first.

A socialite lady clad in a shimmering red body con dress walked to her, full of confidence, with a group of people surrounding her. She said to Ning Xi with a condescending look, "Oh, I'm so sorry. I wasn't sure why but the bottle suddenly flew out of my hands. It didn't hit you, did it?"

Ning Xi looked at them coldly without responding. She did not like to stir up trouble, but she was not afraid of trouble either. She would forget it since it did not hit her, but if this bottle had hurt her, she would not mind using her martial art skills to teach them some lessons either. Since no one at this bar knew her, she could freely be herself.

"No worries."

Ning Xi stood up and prepared to move somewhere quieter, since she did not want to have any contact with these people.

The socialite then signaled to several other girls. The girls surrounding the socialite immediately took heed and walked over, blocking Ning Xi's way.

"Don't go, that bottle almost hit you earlier. We feel bad about that, so we must compensate you!"

"Exactly, we were careless before this. If we just let it be, we'll feel very guilty!"

All the girls started to talk one after another, as if they really did feel guilty. Yet, there was no effort in disguising the nonchalance and condescending intent in their eyes.

Then, the music in the bar started to get softer and many eyes around fell on them. They mostly stared at Ning Xi, as if they were waiting for something to happen.

"That girl is a real socialite. Even though she looks average, her family background definitely isn't! How did that chick offend her?"

"Hahaha, how is that even a question? It's most probably because that chick hooked up with her man! I know this socialite, it's Wang family's eldest daughter, Miss Wang Ruolan right? She is a green-eyed monster!"

"Hook up? That can't be it, I was looking at that chick, she didn't move from her seat at all!"

"This is the Carlos bar, you just need to look at someone a little longer to hook up with them. Haven't you heard of flirting with the eyes? Don't be so conservative!"


Everyone around started buzzing with conversation.

Such a situation happened almost every night at Carlos bar. Everyone was used to seeing this, naturally they were not too shocked by it, but they just liked to watch for the fun of it.

Ning Xi side-eyed those girls and said with a poker face, "Compensation won't be needed, your bottle didn't hit me."



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