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(Rarely Relaxing)

Jiang Muye excitedly said, "Since the rest of your scenes are easy, I'd like to invite you for a drink at the bar tonight!"

Ning Xi raised a finger and shook it, "Apologies, even though I did plan to go relax at the bar tonight, I was planning to go alone, not with you!"

Jiang Muye suddenly became angry, "Please! Why not with me?!"

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him, "You want us to be spotted together again like the last time?"

"Wasn't that just an accident? Besides, that incident led to an easy spokesperson job!" Jiang Muye said with righteousness.

"Who's going to guarantee that I get this lucky every time? The famous star Jiang, please do me a favor and let me go. Have fun alone. I don't want to give sister Zhizhi any more trouble!"


One hour later, at Carlos bar.

Carlos bar was a very exclusive place, where the lowest rank in society's food chain, especially the men, would never be seen or heard.

To the outside world, mentioning that they were going to Carlos bar would naturally imply that "the poor and the dogs are not allowed to enter".

And of course, those that attracted the wealthy first and second generations were naturally socialites or hookers with the looks, body, charisma and more.

Apart from power and wealth, a beautiful face was also the most effective pass to enter this place.

When Ning Xi finally warded off the whiny Jiang Muye and reached the bar, it was already almost full, so she had to find a corner for herself.

To Ning Xi, the best thing about this bar was that she did not need to dress up too much, because there was no one who would recognize her, a less than well known actress. She could completely relax.

Just as Ning Xi sat down, there were several men who were looking around. These middle-aged men acted like they were hunting for 'prey' and immediately stared at Ning Xi's direction, revealing foul intentions.

"Her looks and charisma are outstanding, but the way she dresses is not too suitable for my taste."

"Mmm, she doesn't seem like a socialite."

"If she's not a socialite, then she must be a hooker! Let's just look around, there are a lot of beauties in the bar tonight, no rush!"

These middle-aged men were sitting on a slightly more high-end sofa made of real leather, and they revealed lazy and comfortable postures, with voices that were not too soft nor too loud. However, the people around them could hear them clearly.

Just as they finished speaking, several youths beside them suddenly stood up together.

The young lad who led the group sported a branded shirt and trousers. He locked his long and narrow eyes on Ning Xi and said, "Haha, this chick's charisma and looks are of fine quality. Since she's not your type, my bros and I will go ahead then!"

"As you please, Mister Li." The middle-aged men on the sofa smiled a little, nonchalantly. For them, their target was usually the real socialites, so even if women such as Ning Xi were prettier, they were uninterested in them.

The guys around Mister Li started to whistle at Ning Xi, "Hey, beautiful! Wanna come over?"

The bar played a lighthearted tune that was not too noisy or too piercing, so Ning Xi could hear them calling out to her immediately.

Ning Xi's icy eyes skimmed across them nonchalantly and she did not respond. She had encountered such situations many times, so much so that she was already used to it. She only came to Carlos bar to relax, so she just pretended she did not see them.

This bar was of elite status, so people usually would not cause too much of a ruckus.



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