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(Unique Way Of Interacting)

At the same time, in the courtyard's surveillance room, Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi watched the surveillance footage with full focus.

Yan Ruyi's initially tightened expression softened when she saw Ning Xi and Little Treasure's heartwarming interactions, and the two sentences that Little Treasure wrote. She laughed helplessly, "Tingxiao definitely taught him that!"

Lu Chongshan scoffed and did not say anything, as he continued to watch the monitor closely. It was not just to watch her, but most importantly, he had to know the reason why this woman could make Little Treasure so obedient!


Lu Chongshan was destined to be disappointed.

Because the truth was, Ning Xi and Little Treasure's method of interaction was ultimately simple.

Simply put, they both did their own thing.

Little Treasure was a child who was very good at solidarity; he just needed Ning Xi to be by his side, which was more than enough.

As always, the little bun was enjoying solving his Sudoku puzzles while Ning Xi lay on the sofa to browse the entertainment news. Akin to petting a kitty cat, her palm gently patted the little bun's head. Sometimes when she was too distracted with her reading and forgot to pat him, the little bun would look up, as if to ask for pats. Then, Ning Xi would realize and quickly compensate with more rigorous petting...

Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi sat in front of the surveillance monitors and watched for a long time, yet they could not figure out any special tricks.

Both were just enjoying doing their own thing, there were close to no interactions.


The kind of heartwarming and intimate interaction between the both of them could be felt even through the monitor...

Yan Ruyi exclaimed, "Even though this girl did not do anything, I can feel that as long as she is beside Little Treasure, there is a sort of spark, and he acts like any normal child!"

Lu Chongshan was not blind and he could see this too, but he did not want to admit it. Instead, he replied, "What are you rushing for? Keep watching! I don't believe that she won't reveal any flaws at all!"

Little Treasure definitely only liked her so much because she tolerated him with no bottom line. She just pleased him as he wished!

He definitely would not tolerate her spoiling Little Treasure like a honey-coated poison! "Later I will let Tingxiao see this for himself, so he knows what kind of woman he has chosen!" he thought.

Ning Xi read the news for a while then she put down her phone, rested her chin on her palm and stared at the little bun.

As compared to her phone, the little bun was definitely more entertaining...

When the little bun felt Aunty Xiao Xi's eyes on him, he suspiciously looked up and blinked at her.

In Ning Xi's head flashed an idea. "Baby, let's not play this anymore. Come, let me teach you something fun!"

The little bun nodded obediently and let Ning Xi lead him into the courtyard.

In front of the surveillance monitors, Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi anxiously straightened up when they saw that Ning Xi was finally doing something different. They wanted to see what she was up to.

Lu Chongshan's face darkened, "Wait for it, she's going to reveal her true colors very soon!"

Yan Ruyi nodded and watched the surveillance closely.

Ning Xi led Little Treasure to the courtyard's empty field then she said with a satisfied tone, "Let's do it here!"

Then, Ning Xi bend over to gently tell the little bun, "Baby, you're usually too quiet, and you exercise too little. This is not good for your body. Of course, too much of exercise is bad too, and not too suitable for your little self. So, Aunty will now teach you the Five Animal Play Qigong. If you persevere for a long time, your body will be very healthy! Wanna learn?"



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