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(Surveillance Monitors)

"Little Treasure, come to grandma. What's the matter? Are you hungry?"

"What do you want to eat? Let grandpa cook something up for you!"

Both grandparents were gentle and kind, afraid of frightening Little Treasure.

You must understand that the little bun could initially only live in isolation and he could not share the same space with them at all. Now that he could live with them, it was already a blessing beyond comparison for them.

Little Treasure shook his head, took off his shoes, and climbed onto the sofa. He then started to use his little hands on his grandmother's shoulders and massaged with all his might.

Yan Ruyi was overjoyed and surprised by this sudden display of affection, "Hey, my dearest baby! Are you giving your grandma a massage now?"

Little Treasure nodded and became even harder at work. Lu Chongshan watched from the side jealously and mumbled, "It looks like Little Treasure prefers grandma, huh?"

Was it because of the way he was usually too strict? It must be...Especially his attitude towards that was really unfriendly...

When Little Treasure saw that, did he hate him? What should I do now?

The more Lu Chongshan thought about it, the more he became worried, and the more he was angry. He was only doing this for Little Treasure and for the family. At last, he had to be the bad guy! Everyone complained about him, but above all, even Little Treasure did not like him anymore...

As Lu Chongshan mulled sadly over this, Little Treasure finished massaging his grandmother and immediately went to his grandfather and started to massage him too. Those soft little hands could really melt anyone's heart!

The cold-hearted Lu Chongshan unexpectedly almost teared up on the spot, "Good boy, Little Treasure, it's the thought that counts. Don't tire yourself out!"

Lu Chongshan then fell silent, sighed and asked, "Little Treasure, is there something you want grandpa's help with?"

Little Treasure nodded earnestly.

Lu Chongshan asked again, "You want to see Aunty Xiao Xi, don't you?"

Little Treasure nodded his head profusely, as he looked at his grandfather with hopeful and uncertain eyes.

The look that he gave Lu Chongshan made his heart soften into a mess, "Okay, grandpa will let you. Later, I will get someone to invite her over, okay?"

Little Treasure's eyes immediately brightened as he happily kissed on his grandfather's cheek, then ran back to his room feeling satisfied.

Yan Ruyi watched her husband who was speechlessly smiling like an idiot and said, "Who was the one that said I had no principles or bottom line before this? Where are your principles now? Where's your bottom line? Has it all gone just because your grandson gave you a shoulder massage? With just a little kiss from your grandson, you'd promise him anything now?"

Lu Chongsan cleared his throat and restored his serious expression, "What nonsense are you spewing? I'm doing this for Little Treasure's physical and emotional health! Besides, there's nothing wrong in letting that woman come over to accompany Little Treasure. I will obviously get someone to keep an eye on her!"

When Lu Chongshan finished, he called over butler Xing Wu.

"Master, do you have any orders?"

"Go make a call now and let that woman come over to accompany Little Treasure." Lu Chongshan thought for a while then added, "Just say that Little Treasure is alone at home. Later, Madam and I will find an excuse to leave. We'll let her be alone with him."

"Master, what you're trying to say is..."

"Put more surveillance monitors in the house!"

"Okay, understood!" Xing Wu nodded and left.

Yan Ruyi frowned when she heard what her husband said to the butler, "Maybe this isn't such a good idea."

Lu Chongshan only replied carelessly, "Why would it be a bad idea? I would like to see what's so different about her! Don't you want to find out as well if that woman is genuine towards Little Treasure or not ?"



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