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(I Miss Her Too)

Su Yimo picked up the gift box, glanced at it and said in a tone of disdain, "She wants to collaborate with me? Is she worthy?"

She had such a noble man protecting her and backing her up, she did not need to work with anyone else.

Zhao Meixin knew what went through her mind, and continued to persuade her, "Worthy or not, what’s important isn’t Ning Xueluo, it’s the influence behind her. She has the Ning family backing her up, and her boyfriend is Su Yan, so her power is not to be underestimated.

"You know that the Su family has been getting all the limelight in the Imperial, and everyone is trying to get on their good side. This is a really great chance now, there’s nothing to lose by doing her a favor!"

While everyone in the entertainment scene assumed that Su Yimo was in an ambiguous relationship with someone important in the Lu corporation, Zhao Meixin had been by Su Yimo’s side everyday, and she had never seen her getting close to anyone from the Lu corporation in private.

Zhao Meixin actually felt insecure but she did not want to mention this in front of Su Yimo. She would surely get a good scolding from her! Su Yimo would never tolerate anyone doubting her relationship with Lu Tingxiao…

Hearing about the influence behind the Ning family and Su family, Su Yimo’s expression changed slightly.

Zhao Meixin quickly continued, "Right, Yimo, did you hear about what happened last night?"

"What happened?" Su Yimo asked.

Zhao Meixin secretly spoke into her ear, "Last night, Ning Xueluo had a party at her house, and Ning Xi stayed right above her, so I bet Ning Xueluo tried to bring a bunch of people over to humiliate her, but…"

Zhao Meixin described the event with her animated expressions, and was very impressed, "A walk-in closet that big! And all of them were GE branded clothes!"

Zhao Meixin did not explicitly mention it, but Glory World had not given even Su Yimo such exclusive treatment.

Su Yimo frowned, "GE?"

"Yeah, the clothes designed by Gabriel Elvis. You liked that brand as well, didn’t you? For the opening ceremony the last time, you mentioned that you wanted this brand, but…I couldn’t get you anything…"

She actually found a piece, but she got outbid by someone else, and she was scolded pretty badly by Su Yimo, which left a deep impression on her...

At this point, as someone who could not allow anyone to surpass her at anything, Su Yimo’s expression darkened, she coldly said, "It’s just something Glory World does for a shiny newbie, just a temporary limelight. What else can she do? Nevertheless, making one more friend wouldn’t do me any harm, just do whatever you need with Ning Xueluo’s side!"

"Alright, leave it to me!"


At Lu family residence.

As usual, Little Treasure was daydreaming on the windowsill. Looking outside the window, he took out his phone and sent his father a text message: "Miss."

He was missing Aunty Xiao Xi, even though they had just met not too long ago.

At the Lu corporation office, the man glanced at his phone, then he texted a few words back to his son: "I miss her too."

Little Treasure quickly replied with a "?" to ask him how he could see Aunty Xiao Xi again.

Lu Tingxiao looked outside his window, thought about it, then replied his son’s message…

After Little Treasure read his reply, he quickly climbed down from the chair and ran towards the living room.

In the living room, Lu Chongshan was talking to Yan Ruyi. When they saw Little Treasure running to them, they immediately hid all the pictures and information of the ladies that were strewn on the coffee table, then looked at their grandson with a smile.



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