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(An Enemy's Enemy Is A Friend)

Late at night, Ning Xueluo's apartment.

Chang Li rushed over in the dead of the night, only to find the floor full of torn up clothes.

"My dear grandaunt, who's offended you now?"

Ning Xueluo fiercely used scissors to cut up a pile of clothes, and then shouted ferociously, "Who else?!"

Chang Li had already understood the situation from her assistant's update. She tidied up the place as she advised, "Xueluo, I didn't want to say anything, but you really were too impulsive this time. You've been patient for so long, why couldn't you have avoided this? Why did you have to go start a fire for yourself?"

"Haven't I been patient for long enough? Tonight, with the situation we were in, I thought..." She thought that nothing would go wrong. Who knew...

Chang Li softened her tone and said, "I understand how you feel, but there is no point in satisfying your short term desires. Ning Xi doesn't even need you to do anything at this point. Someone would surely come for her."

Ning Xueluo immediately turned to her and asked, "Who are you referring to?"

Chang Li smirked and reminded her, "Don't forget, Glory World Entertainment still has Su Yimo! Ning Xi is in the limelight so much these days. Do you think Su Yimo would be okay with that? Even someone as popular as Leng Manyun was defeated by her, so who is Ning Xi in comparison?"

Ning Xueluo eyes lightened up when she heard this, "Su did I not think of her?"

"That's right! Su Yimo has shady intimate relations with Lu group's high level administrators! With such a background, she's not one to easily compete with! Think about it, with her arrogant personality, how could she stand Ning Xi's existence if Ning Xi threatened her status? She would definitely hear about what happened tonight very soon. How do you think she would feel when she does?"

Ning Xueluo thought carefully, then she smugly said, "You make so much sense!"

When she saw that she finally managed to change Ning Xueluo's mind, Chang Li breathed a sigh of relief and continued to analyse, "Now we can create relations with Su Yimo's side. Even though you were previously always against her, it's not the same anymore now. An enemy's enemy is a friend! Don't be anxious, I'll try to hear her out first, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem!"

Ning Xueluo tossed the scissors and clothes in her hand onto the floor, then got up and started to walk back and forth. Then, she stopped and said, "I heard she likes emerald jades. Someone gave my father a pair of exquisite jade decorative items before, you go get it to present it to her. If there's anything you need, just let me know, I'll think of something!"

"Okay, no problem," Chang Li quickly replied. Then she asked, "Right, have you thought about the suggestion I mentioned to you the last time?"

"You mean the engagement?"

"Yeah, you have been low key for too long, you need something juicy to restore your popularity and image. All this while, everyone's most envious of the fact that you're with Su Yan, so this is the best time to get engaged!

"Many headlines will feature you. I've already planned a series of follow ups that can not only increase your popularity to new heights, but kick Ning Xi in the guts too!" Chang Li said, a little too excitedly.

At the mention of Su Yan, Ning Xueluo frowned, "You know, because of what happened, Su Yan has been critical of me. I need some time, and besides, he really has been too busy recently..."

"No worries, there's no hurry. Work is important! Your Su Yan is pretty amazing. If he seals this deal, the Su family will definitely expand into the Europe market and earn tenfold for the whole company! The finance channels and magazines have been raving about him recently!"

Ning Xueluo was radiant as she responded with arrogance, "Of course, he's my man! You don't worry, I'll get it done!"

Chang Li replied, "That's good then! Let's work on it separately!"



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